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i dont count mi blessings….i lose count

October 18, 2009

i taught a class yesterday


i feel so blessed that i have this information 2 share


& blessed that there R so many people 2 share it with


2day i ate TWO SLICES of quantum cake as well as a mushroom & watercress curry


i feel so blessed 2 fill mi little belly with the most incredible food on the planet


i took delivery of mi 2 new babies this week – a skin cream & a bath bar


soooo blessed 2 finally have them expertly produced & in mi hands after years of development

i uploaded 4 videos this week from the EB book launch

thankU rochelle 4 filming them 4 me!

so blessed 2 have that book out finally – thankU shazzie 4 all ur incredible work in making it happen


am bac working on 88 again – so blessed 2 B working on another project i love


& am ecstited abt all the magic im pouring in2 the bubble

bcos i still love U 2moro

February 15, 2009

download mi love sweet love mix here


its a little quiet, sorry.

u can also still download mi 2008 magic mixXx from january

love of the never-ending & everlasting kind

February 14, 2009



January 28, 2009

our raw macadamias are the most delicious nut i hav eva eaten

they R also very big, like pebbles


bigger than a lego man’s head


2 big 2 fit thru the middle of a cd


but smaller than a gogo


unicorns love 2 feed on our macadamias


we also saw a lesser spotted macfly




June 29, 2008

a couple of weeks ago mi friend graham took me 2 andrew logan’s open house near london bridge

he has three unicorns which he made himself

i was interviewing graham 4 mi book abt the original acid house scene *88 the untold story of a revolution* andrew was wearing a star round his neck & i overheard him saying that he makes one every year. the one he was wearing was the star of love that he made in 1988

the rooms were crammed with his beautiful work. here is his stereo

lots of glass, lots of mirrors