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December 24, 2008





by maria tilyard designs, at red mutha fashion fair

kiss the boyz & make them cry

October 9, 2008

girlz from southend

clothes from red mutha

art from shoreditch shuffle

ps its pretty simple



September 21, 2008

woop woop

September 19, 2008

the sound of the fashion police 

coming 4 red @ shoreditch shuffle

rrrrrrrRRRRRed !!!!!!!!

September 19, 2008

red at shoreditch shuffle

red & dan R on channel 4’s wife swap on sunday at 8.0

fun with mutha

September 15, 2008

i always have fun with red. she invited me 2 shoreditch shuffle at the weekend & i took lots of pix. here R sum girlz legz 4 starters.

mi ecstatic life

August 19, 2008

mi desk is fun

(actually it’s not a desk its the back of a camel cart from kazakhstan)

cherry made a macboy bag 4 me


dan customised a jacket 4 me

thanku, thanku, thanku


bac from the big chill

August 4, 2008

flylo was legendary

red mutha fashion fair

June 25, 2008

i did a stall at the red mutha fashion fair. i gave away cake & met lots of lovely people & djed. it was big fun.

this is the ugly kids club

they were next 2 me

here is red she says i am a bitch but i dont care im just using her 4 her clothes

here is philip i fell in love with him last year when i discoverd his knitted smiley badges

here is emilyo isnt she beautiful

& here is mi stall xxx