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red mutha strikes again…

November 21, 2009

dan made zachary a jacket 4 his bday in may

shamefully ive only jus got round 2 taking good pics

altho 2 B fair he didnt wear it so much in the summer cos the weather was so lovely

anyway red mutha will resurrect an item of clothing 4U out of pretty much anything U give them

once i gave them my old brownie blanket & sum clothes i wasnt wearing anymore & now i have a couple of tops & a couple of skirts splattered with old brownie & guide badges


ps come & have dinner with me next sat x

the shellsuit liberation front

July 8, 2009

these R sum photos me & hudro did 4 the ecstatic beings book.


the SLF r a bunch of street-level activists who target the most vulnerable members of our society.


those whose egos R 2 fragile 4 this world, those tender, open souls who do not have a shell & R always finding themselves battered & bruised by our mechanized, soulless, competitive, corporate society.


the mission of the SLF is 2 go around handing out shellsuits 2 those in need.


the SLF say, its ok, we R here. wear ur shellsuit with joy. B proud that ur not a bullying, greedy, selfish, aggrandizing egomaniac.


we love U. & the world is going thru a period of rapid change. its all goin2 B ok. soon U wont even need 2 wear a shellsuit anymore. & everyone can walk down the streets with open hearts & ecstatic minds cos the bullies arent goin2 b in charge 4 much longer.


shell suits & accessories courtesy of Red Mutha

photography by zachary

ecstatic beings out sooooooon 

the 273rd post

June 23, 2009

this was my 1st entry on jun 21st 2008


princess leia gets priority seating on the train.

this is a photo of me outside a massage parlour in shoreditch in jun 08.


& same place again almost exactly a year later


have i changed?


sometimes its hard 2 put my life in2 words which is why i wanted 2 attempt here 2 put it in2 pictures. “magic” 4 me is an easy word 2 summarise the daily insights, interactions & serendipities which cause me 2 feel that life is an inherently joyous  & wondrous experience. its the odd moments, the tiny incidences which form the fabric of our days that make me believe life is a gift handed 2 us by a loving & beneficent creator.


i cant make my life make sense easily with words. as i go from hiphop 2 housework via tahini & tattoos, the worlds i travel thru seem disconnected, randomly thrust 2gether in a sequence which defies logic. 


but of course flying lotus & fo ti root, red mutha & reishi tea, do all have a connecting thread, & that is my love 4 them all.


we R the slash slash slash generation. not happy with labels, we usually need at least 3 (eg writer/mother/dancer). we can & we do do everything we believe we can. maybe my slashes R more random than most. but that doesnt make them any less real or less heartfelt.


my pictures R a testament 2 this blessing we call humanity.


they R a celebration of the diversity of a life lived outside the box.


i share them in the hope that they serve as an affirmation 4 us all that the good life is found in friends, family, food & music.


all we need is a heart that bursts with love & a mind that trusts fully in the magic & infinity is ours.




by popular demand

June 17, 2009

well actually red asked me


but she’s very popular so i think that counts


more photos from the last red mutha fashion fair.


this lady is rather good.


yikes its spike



June 16, 2009

heres the gorgeous kate at the last red mutha fashion fair


kate says, “Were not typically Gothic, Emo, Punk, Indie, Decora, jrock, Scene kids, Nu rave, Gothic Lolita’s or Cyber Kittens we just dont live in a box so refuse to design in one ! “


her company gobbolino sells everything a nurave punk fairy cld eva desire


i love her rosettes, how supercute R they


kate makes evrything – from hairbows 2 dresses 2 knickerbockers 2 soft toys 2 kitty cat hats


go gobbolino girl!

the youth of 2day

March 29, 2009

i just uploaded the whole album of kidz rave pictures 2 facebook.

here R sum of mi favrites.


thats me djing


raise ur hands if U understand




mi angel


the breakdancing ballerina


such a good look


ethan also sporting a good look


U can download mi kidz rave mix here.

its perfect 4 parties where kidz or adults have had 2 many smarties.


whats my name (horses without heads)

ali baba (john holt)

consider urself (oliver!)

its oh so quiet (bjork)

i wanna b like U (jungle book)

pocket calculator (kraftwerk)

magic number (de la soul)

overnight (hudson mohawke)

f***ing formula (dorian concept)

oom pa pa (oliver!)

mom & daddy (trash fashion)

bare necessities (jungle book)

19/2000 (gorillaz)

2moro (annie)

next ones in may, i wont B there but it will b ace. i wanna tour kidz rave! send us a msg if ud like 2 c one coming 2 a club near U & i will harass red.

it only takes a camera 2 change her mind

February 27, 2009






random boy




subverting patriarchy


queen red

a good egg

February 26, 2009

sum random shots from a fashion show with red at egg club in kings cross







now thats what i call rave vol 88

February 11, 2009

heres the list of people ive interviewed 4 mi 88 book. i’ve finished now unless someone really special comes along.


1. Kate Poly Love Magic (that’s me, I’ve been interviewing myself A LOT)

2. Lol Hammond

3. Mark Moore

4. James Hamilton Epi, Evolution

5. Namalee & Steve from SuperSuper

6. John Guarana

7. Fraser Clark Epi, Evolution, Megatripolis, the Warp

8. Trash Fashion

9. David Manders Solaris

10. Richard C

11. Darren Belgrave raver

12. Felix Dickinson

13. Seb 69 db

14. Patrick Wow inventor of the Rave game

15. Lucifer

16. Martin Wood graphic design for evolution^

17. Maria Silmon raver

18. Sid

19. Zillah

20. Wayne Anthony

21. Marc 01

22. Nick Molloy

23. Atlanta Cook raver

24. Adam Sky e5d34ef097b0fbacdcacbe150ca4504032552457

25. Youth

26. Simone

27. Bert

28. Spiral Mark

29. Femi Fem

30. Aztek

31. Crispin J Glover producer, engineer

32. Jonny D the Shamen, Alabama 3

33. Graham

34. Mary from Whirl-y-gig

35. Andy Lockwood raver

36. Marc Mac

37. Ixy

38. Rhani raver

39. Jeff 23

40. Debbie Griffith Spiral Tribe

41. Jane

42. Paul Rogue graphic artist, slack, Megatripolis

43. Susie raver

44. Nick the Record

45. Paul DJ

46. Lucy Wills

47. Ben Crystal

48. Eddie Love Chocolate DJ, engineer

49. DJ Kin

50. Nick Mindscapes original VJ

51. Dino Psaras

52. Ronan Macdonald raver

53. Debz Sapsford events organiser – Megatripolis, Slack

54. Fitzroy da Buzzboy

55. Anna Scott raver

56. Darren Murphy

57. Graeme Park

58. Matt Moose producer

59. Roger Nell engineer

60. Trevor Shakes dancer

61. Marcia Carr

62. Kenny Bountiful Sunshine

63. Dave Haslam

64. Ysanne Spevack

65. DJ Tamsin

66. Alex Fisher writer

67. Phil Asher

68. Flufeee eco-activist

69. Charlie Hall The drum club

70. John Marsh The beloved

71. Marco Arnaldi DJ

72. Kirsty Hawkshaw

73. Fiona Cartledge Sign of the Times

74. DJ Monkey Pilot Whirl-y-gig

75. Helen Bath raver

76. Gilles Peterson DJ

77. Norman Jay MBE DJ

78. Jazzie B OBE DJ

79. Roy the Roach DJ, promoter, record shop owner

80. Red Mutha

81. Peter Dawkins

82. Nicky Holloway

83. Ian St Paul, Future, Spectrum, Land of Oz

84. Sheryl Garratt

85. Max Free raver

86. Mia Manners Spacetime fashion designer

87. Mixmaster Morris DJ, producer, promoter

88. Charlie Colston Hayter Sunrise festival

89. Mark Heley writer, DJ, promoter


i cant wait 4 the launch party





mi people of the year

December 31, 2008

flylo 4 all the musical inspiration, especially brainfeeder


red & dan, 4 dressing me so finely


daddy chris, sweet dani & baby aaron


mi boyz


warrior queen shazzle


homegirl rochelle


matty 4 angelic assistance


catchpole mi annoying kid brother


zak 4 lots of things, but especially this


ronan mi homeboy


mi chocolate boyfriend, 4 being real


& last but not least YOU: THANKU 4 LOOKING, I LOVE YOU X