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lucky meTube

May 13, 2009

Our new chocolate bar LuckyMe is here. My friend Luke messaged me today to say, “I have just gobbled up the LuckyMe bar and it’s delicious!!! My favourite one so far.” I think so too. Here’s my little promo vid.

2 celebrate the arrival of LuckyMe chocolate on planet earth, we wld like 2 give lots away.  just write 2 me at @ & tell me what makes u blissed & blessed, and mi favrite answers will win choclate bars plus 10 % off their next shop at rawliving. more details here. 

here’s mi last weeks vid in case u missed it. 


& if ur in brighton this weekend im at the open house on sat & im doing a food demo here on sunday.


kate magic, the raw food coach

April 14, 2009

how 2 make flax crackers

notice that the first rule of flax crackers is 2 soak ur flax.

2 cups flaxseeds in 1 litre of water for 4-8 hours.


u can make just abt any flavour u can imagine with flax crackers.

one of our favrites is purple corn & cranberries.

stir in 2 tsp purple corn, 1 cup dried cranberries.


spread the mixture on ur dehydrator trays. it will make 2 1/2 trays.

notice that this is very easy.


notice that i do not straighten the edges, nature abhors a straight line.

dehdydrate 4 8 hours, then score, flip & dry another 4-8 hrs on the other side.


i believe flax 2 b one of the most essential foods. we eat flax crackers every day.


reuben often has them 4 breakfast. i like savoury ones topped with tahini & alfalfa.


& we all like them as a snack topped with chocolate spread.