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September 20, 2009

ethan wasnt doing his jobs the other morning. “ethan, what r U doing?” i asked him. “practising being a genius,” he replied. fair point.


my boyz dont go 2 school. they have fun & intresting lives & as a result they R naturally productive & creative.


when we were in germany they found a baby mouse. in fact they saved it from the cat. despite our warnings & attempts 2 persuade them otherwise, they found it irresistably cute & wanted 2 keep it as a pet. they made a bed 4 it & tried 2 feed it & give it a drink. within 24 hours it was dead & there were tears & a burial.


peter dawkins, a thinker whom i greatly admire & respect, says the number one book worth reading is the book of nature. that studying nature reveals all the lessons we really need 2 understand abt life. this was a great example of nature delivering a lesson no schoolroom cld teach. a number of lessons really: abt responsibility, abt not trying 2 intervene in the natural order of things, abt attachment, mortality, & more things besides.


it also made me think abt something i had read regarding incidental vs structured learning. structured learning is imposed, it comes from sitting in a classroom. incidental learning occurs spontaneously, & happens organically. incidental learning is much more powerful & sticks with us in a way that structured learning doesnt. which is why i cant remember anything from biology lessons in school but i can remember almost word 4 word the 1st conversations i had with a boy (ian) i had a crush on when i was 14.


thankU little mouse, u were a great teacher.

lucky Us

July 10, 2009

more winners from our luckyMe competition on the site

we asked – *why do U feel blissed & blessed?

melina said, “I love my crazy life and all the people in it. Challenges, happiness, tears, joy. The creator expresses himself through all emotions and how much fun is it that I can experience all the creativity of the one creator and discover my superpowers through that. “


i say, i am blissed 2 live so near the seafront.

kristin said, “if anyone is suffering out there, you CAN enjoy and love life-start thanking everything you love in your life and you will receive so much love and happiness you can’t imagine! I could list everything I am thankful and grateful for in my life but the bottom line is…I am thankful for EVERYTHING…even the ups and downs…..these have made me the stronger person I am today!!”

i say, i was blessed 2 meet peter dawkins again in june


Holly said, “One of my favourite quotes of Kate’s is, “I believe the best way to make the world a better place is to be a FORCE FOR GOOD in every way you can, at every moment possible.” I just love how powerful sending out uplifting and positive energy out into the world is!!  I have learnt tremendous amounts of info on the amazing superfoods and magical foods i had no idea even existed!”

i say, i am blissed 2 have such lovely customers



photo by diana crenshaw

isabelle wrote us a beautiful story about wearing her bliss, “Thank you for this new garment of bliss! It is so beautiful, it scintillates, it radiates, it shimmers and shines! Oh, it is so beautiful! Thank You for giving it to me.” She sent us this photo

for Raw Living

“I am wearing rags and God is giving me this beautiful shimmering white dress of living in bliss. Oh, I am so happy to get rid of my negativity!”

i say i am blessed with the new love of a magic kitten