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2008 has been by far and away the best year of mi life

December 28, 2008

I moved home, 2 a place I love beyond words.


 I home educated mi 3 sons and saw them reach their 5th, 8th, and 11th birthdays.


I had a book published.


I got to meet a lot of mi heroes


& reconnect with old friends I love dearly.


 I had 2 art exhibitions.


 I have been working on a book that I am totally & utterly in love with.


I did talks, workshops, & consultations all ova the country.


I had a lot of fun.



all that matters is that i am dancing

December 2, 2008

martin took these on mi camra








one night in heaven

November 22, 2008


rainbow lizzy


master genie


paradoxXx the one-legged existential stand-up beat poet sending healing 2 fraser


reclaim love


rainbow dreaming


marco in the dj booth


ecuador had some of those magic glasses which make lights turn in2 hearts


here R sum of mi bestest eva friends

November 19, 2008









i dont remember the last time i spent so much time with so many people i love so much as i did last thursday


megatripolis reunion

October 29, 2008


Benefit Event for Legendary Party Promoter
Fraser Clark


Thursday 13th November 2008
Starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am.
Heaven Night Club
, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG, UK

Dubbed the Timothy Leary of the e-generation, founding Zippie and grandfather of Luminopolis, Fraser Clark, has recently been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and his time within this reality zone is possibly drawing to a close. A special one-off Megatripolis event will be held as a fundraiser for his specialist medical care.

In the late 1980’s Fraser the creator and editor of the Encyclopaedia Psychedelica, (EPi) a London based magazine, which achieved international recognition & wherein he developed the concept and coined the phrase Zippie, with the idea of saving the planet, encouraging a consciousness craze and to embrace technology.

Evolution followed in 1990 and was the flagship magazine of the rave culture and gained wide recognition both here in the Uk and America, thus paving the way for his next move into dance culture.

Megatripolis was founded in 1993 and was one of the first people to recognise the synergy arising from combining New Age ideology with Rave culture. Creating the first UK in-door festival where people were exposed to cross-cultural ideas and experiences.

Megatripolis was a pioneer of the “Parallel University”, the concept of offering live talks by philosophers, scientists and activists (along with supporting literature) to club-goers. Visits from speakers such as Allen Ginsberg, Terence McKenna, George Monbiot, Howard Marks and Ram Dass were common.

Megatripolis spawned a thousand imitators and is perhaps Fraser Clarks most enduring legacy.

In the late 1990’s, Fraser teamed up with the genius alternative theatre writer / actor / director Ken Campbell to create The Warp Experience, 24 hour stage play by Niel Oram, within a 24 hour trance party.
The Warp Experience was based at The Drome – the cavernous tunnels under London Bridge Station now known as seOne. After it
finished, a number of the production crew went on to create The Synergy Project  – now known as Luminopolis.


The Line-up

The main room . . . .


DJ‘s playing Shamanic + Mega –T classics only.

22:00 – 23:30   Darius Akasaic

23:30 – 1:00     Richard Gray

1:00 – 1:30        A miracle on the dance floor?
Everyone who wishes will gather on the main Heaven dance floor to Love bomb the man who started it all.

Love is the only answer, and this could be a hugely powerful application of applied love our love will flow to Fraser as deep and holy healing, surround and overwhelm him!  He will absorb it and allow it to work within him, bathing all his cells in golden light.  As he sends the love back out to us, we will visualise the flow of golden energy radiating out, healing, carrying all dis-ease with it, transforming discomfort into joy and worries into peace, activating a beautiful Circle of Love that will flow out through London, the planet’s Heart Chakra. This is our time.  Fraser will no doubt ascend to Higher Heaven at this point, disappearing in a lightning flash! (TBC)

1:30 – 4:00     Marco Arnaldi

4:00 – 5.30      Nic The Record

5.30 – 6.30      All the above DJ’s will play 1 record each in rotation.


2nd room . . . .


Inspiral and Luminopolis (formerly known The Synergy Project)

The Magic Cauldron of Creation invites you to a soiree of creative expressions with many of our artists linking back to the days of Megatripolis


3rd room . . . .

Techno Silence Suite

A Celebration & investigation of the life, work and ideas of Fraser Clark, a giant of the Counter Culture and Shamanarchic Rave Scene. We will talk, discuss, network, meditate, pray, and even dare to be silent.

Is Fraser now being proved right in predicting (and advocating) the extinction of Dinosaur culture?

Did the old hippy/raver/tribal elder get it right?!  As Western Capitalism flounders, will the New Shamanarchic Paradigm come to the fore and a more loving, harmonious, inner-travelling and non-competitive world come into being in our lifetime?  How exactly will this scenario play out?  



Mark Heley, Kate Magic and other thinkers plus (health allowing)
Fraser himself.  

MEGATRIP FOREVER TRIBUTE: Friends, colleagues and allies of Fraser will talk about his personal influence on their lives and ideas. Audience contribution encouraged. [The MEMORY WALL will be created here, so please bring images, flyers etc from past events]


MEGATRIPOLIS FOREVER BOOK:  Kate Magic will talk about her forthcoming book 1988: The Untold Story of a Revolution, focusing on her chapter on Fraser and his concepts etc.

Megatrip Forever Meditation & Prayer:  Spiritual groups will be onstage to pray for Fraser’s health and vitality to be restored.

Megatrip Forever Theatre: Performances from both Neil Oram‘s The WARP play, and Fraser’s own coming MEGATRIPOLIS@FOREVER RAVE HOPERA.

Megatrip Forever Poetry: Poets will recite poems related to Fraser’s life, work and person.

Megatrip Forever Film: A shamanic theme in our surprise film première. Expect to go on a journey.

Megatripolis Forever Connections: All night we’ll be meeting, RE-CONNECTING, networking, and, dare I say it, loving each other.

Featured Performers
Neil Oram
– Writer of The Warp

Kate Magic – Rave Author: ’88 The Untold Story

Mark Heley – Organiser/Conceptualiser: Sunrise, WaveForm Festivals

BuddhaField – Buddhist Meditative Guides

Paradox – Poet Extraordinaire

Niall McDevitt – Poet Extraordinaire

SpaceGirl – Poet Extraordinaire

John ‘The Crow’ Constable – Visionary Mystic/Playwright/Poet

Yogi G./Gina Feitelson – Actress/Comedian

George O’Gurdjieff – Spiritual Teacher

: Jeff (‘JeffMan’) Laster.


4th room

Room 23

Mix Master Morris

Foolish Felix

Eddy Lovechocolate

Line-up TBC



MEGATRIPOLIS benefit event for legendary
party promoter Fraser Clark

Thursday 13th November 2008
Starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am.
Heaven Night Club, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG, UK

£8.00 at the door

Advance online tickets are available at:


Order over the phone Tel: 02072678320 and 02072676148

Physical Tickets from:

Access All Areas – 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF

Inspiral Lounge – 250 Camden High Street, Camden Lock, NW1 8QS