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holy guacamole

January 6, 2010

yesterday i ate a californian avocado. nothing unusual in that, but i had seen the avocado growing on the tree & it was picked & handed 2 me by this man.

his name is erik & he is the author of The Urban Homestead, a book abt self-sufficient living in the city

here he is with his solar dehydrator. he co-authored the book with his wife kelly. they also have a blog 2gether

here R his bees. he also has chickens & of course lots & lots of greeeens. their blog & book R both full of easy & practical & fun advice 4 our empowerment.


January 3, 2010

superman buys gucci

my nails. its called minx. i got it done in beverley hills (90210 baby) but theres salons all over the world that do it. its like transfers they glue on2 ur nails. its lasted abt 3 wks so far.

me & juliano

the raw chocolate pie me & ysanne shared at cru

amoeba records, worlds largest independent record store

that dome is the arclight, one of the best cinemas in the world, where we saw avatar 3D

right round the corner was the world’s most fabulous thrift store, where i purchased 3 fabulous items 4 12 fabulous dollars.

& goldenbridge kundalini yoga centre, where, yes U guessed it, i had the world’s best yoga session

indeed he does. jus like doctor who.

testament 2 my kombucha addiction. yes i was a one a day girl.

my LA floordrobe. how was i ever goin2 get all that bac in mi case? answer: i wasnt. i had 2 get another case.

the heavens expand, the star advance…

me & alfred

January 2, 2010

the man is utter genius

this was at the LA Record christmas party

if U get the chance 2 c him live DO NOT SLEEP


January 1, 2010

i trust in the infinite flow

i am grateful 4 my freedom

i love how far i have come on mi journey

i am so excited abt what the future holds

i am confident in mi strengths & abilities 2 deal with whateva life throws at me

mi heart bursts with love 4 it all

this is all  i need

this knowledge & awareness is the greatest gift

goals? expectations? demands? that wld B churlish.

i reel in the magic with the sheer joy & exhilaration of mi being.

au lac

December 28, 2009

au lac totally deserves its legendary status

the day b4 id eaten at julianos, & thought that was the best food id eva had

but au lac surpassed it, hands down

chef ito is truly a holy man. he took a vow of silence so he doesnt talk, but his food & his being tell U more abt love & magic than any words can.

he let me take his picture but he said i cldnt put it online, so instead here is the equally lovely & magical tonya kay with ito’s world famous garlic bread.

everyone told me, have the garlic bread.

& the donuts. donuts with a gooey toffee centre.

chef ito is a master of flavour AND texture, which is so hard 2 do with raw foods, get interesting & varied textures going on.

b4 i went out id been slightly concerned that all the food wasnt goin2 agree with me. at home i eat very simply & very small amounts. but everywhere i went, i was so impressed at the digestibility of everything, & the love & care that went in2 the food preparation at rawvolution, julianos, & au lac.

unlike a certain london establishment i wont name, this is raw food 4 raw fooders! raw food that doesnt just look pretty, but makes U feel pretty damn fine as well.

thankU tonya, & marty the movie monster, 4 taking me out 4 possibly the finest dinner of my life.

amoeba records

December 27, 2009

amoeba records is the largest independent record store in the world

ysanne asked me if i wanted 2 go in, & i said, just 4 a minute then

an hour later, we had 2 leave bcos they were closing

they had crazy amounts of hard 2 find stuff

ysanne very wonderfully got me ruff draft on vinyl as a cmas gift

sunset on venice beach

December 26, 2009

these R not photoshopped. it was jus incredible light.

malibu beach

December 21, 2009

with my amazing host, greg


December 18, 2009

rawvolution is a cosy little hang out place in LA

everyone is very friendly & chatty there & theres comfy sofas 2 sit on

out of all the places ive been 2 its the one with the most relaxed vibe

& a stunning array of desserts & chocolates

anyone who carries rainbow unicorn fairy crystal crunch is good by me

the 1st time i went i had a triple chocolate explosion (no surprise there)

then the next time i had a twix turtle. it had a yacon syrupy bit & buckwheaties in the centre.


santa monica pier

December 18, 2009

daniel took me on santa monica pier

the light is incredible here

with a quality & a crispness far surpassing that of the brighton light i so often marvel at

which is obviously one of the main reasons why the film industry is here

also the sun sets really quickly – u dont get an hour of dusk like we do – more like 10 mins & bam! its proper dark

surprisingly 4 a country where everything is supersized, the pier is very small

there were seagulls, tho not loads like we have, pigeons & pelicans

it’s fascinating bcos altho at first glance everything seems so similiar 2 england, look a little closer & there R so many subtle but significant differences.