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lord quasmas

December 30, 2009

well december 25th happened again

i had some robbers round 4 T

& we shared the cake with Lord Quas

the cake is *Cakemates* from Raw Magic. i put in 1 tbsp suma, 2 tsp Etherium Gold, 2 tbsp Crystal Manna, 1 tbsp he shou wu, 1 tbsp mucuna & 1 tbsp purple corn.

ho ho ho indeed.

quasi loved it.

a lot of playing goes on in our house

October 7, 2008

lego battle

gorillaz concert

fire, earth, water, air

we’re very busy

we heart kidrobot

August 31, 2008

we have ova 30 kidrobot toyz



finders keepers

& gorillaz