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we dont stop

December 4, 2009

dingwalls reunion

sundays at dingwalls was a seminal london session, bac in the day

20+ years on & the magic is still there

thanks largely 2 gilles peterson

and patrick forge.

gilles, patrick AND sir norman.thats what i call legendary.

proper jazz, see.

i love it.

if U love it 2, U shld listen 2 this.

full dingwalls album on flickR


Be A Bubbler!

November 29, 2009

i have a new website!

im very ecstited!

we R giving away a free month’s membership!

lets play X

ladies night

November 25, 2009

It was my birthday. I got a bit Sister Sledge. Wanted all my sisters with me.

Free – Deniece Williams

Love of my Life (an Ode to Hip Hop) – Erykah Badu

Who was I Trying to Fool – Iman

Lovefool – The Cardigans

Big Time Sensuality – Bjork

No More – J Davey

Glory Box (live) – Portishead

Reasons – Minnie Riperton

Everybody Got their Something – Nikka Costa

Gimmee – Jill Scott

Warship Touchante – Brides of Funkenstein

What’s my Name – Native Sol

I Am Woman – Betty Wright


red mutha strikes again…

November 21, 2009

dan made zachary a jacket 4 his bday in may

shamefully ive only jus got round 2 taking good pics

altho 2 B fair he didnt wear it so much in the summer cos the weather was so lovely

anyway red mutha will resurrect an item of clothing 4U out of pretty much anything U give them

once i gave them my old brownie blanket & sum clothes i wasnt wearing anymore & now i have a couple of tops & a couple of skirts splattered with old brownie & guide badges


ps come & have dinner with me next sat x

birthday bliss

November 19, 2009

i spent mi actual bday with 3 of mi favrite people

reuben ethan & zachary

& they made me a 3 course meal

kale chips

followed by spaghetti bolognese

& shiitake mushrooms

finished with raw magic heaven (the recipe’s in raw magic)

i definitely had the best bday eva

i cannot state 2 many times what a joy it is 2 spend my days with 3 such intelligent, funny, handsome, connected inviduals. words fail me cos i always feel like im gushing or bragging or hyping…but really. its a wondrous thing.

ps i have an amazing spaghetti bolognese recipe im goin2 post in the Bubble!

23 again

November 12, 2009

i havent been here much recently bcos ive been working on the bubble, which went live yesterday on the 11.11

[rockyou id=154824996&w=426&h=320]

but i cldnt let it go 2 long without showing U mi bday cake


with the help of mi glamorous assistant hudro


we made a lime cheezecake affair with raspberry coulis & choKlate frosting


& b4 U ask, yes i will post the recipe when its ready, as i do always test out mi recipes again & again 2 B sure they really work b4 i share them (this is known as dedicakeshun)


U can c more photos from mi bday on fbook

& U cld listen 2 this at the same time

(i think the waajeed mix is probably mi tune of the year)

turkish delight

November 1, 2009

i uploaded the whole album 2 fbook

i also joined flickr, but i dont really know what im doin

here R sum of mi faves


this was the little apartment i stayed in


there it is, nestling in the trees


amazing light


beautiful plants


great classes


stunning sea


wonderful people


i dont count mi blessings….i lose count

October 18, 2009

i taught a class yesterday


i feel so blessed that i have this information 2 share


& blessed that there R so many people 2 share it with


2day i ate TWO SLICES of quantum cake as well as a mushroom & watercress curry


i feel so blessed 2 fill mi little belly with the most incredible food on the planet


i took delivery of mi 2 new babies this week – a skin cream & a bath bar


soooo blessed 2 finally have them expertly produced & in mi hands after years of development

i uploaded 4 videos this week from the EB book launch

thankU rochelle 4 filming them 4 me!

so blessed 2 have that book out finally – thankU shazzie 4 all ur incredible work in making it happen


am bac working on 88 again – so blessed 2 B working on another project i love


& am ecstited abt all the magic im pouring in2 the bubble

im 4eva blowing bubbles

October 14, 2009

pretty bubbles in the air


nu video. i love the comments.

ecstiting event coming up end of nov


turkey next week. anyone in turkey? im in bodrum on 24th & 25th.


i love this song so much. i said he’d release it on green vinyl.

bliss babies

October 12, 2009

well its here


we finally birthed her


its kinda weird. people keep asking me if im excited & im like, no….then i watched this Jay Smooth video & he describes the feeling perfectly.

already, sum people love her (this lady bought 4 copies)


while in london, one venue removed them from the shelves when someone complained abt the inappropriate content


but that’s the point i guess. that in this world theres always goin2 B love & hate, & in these crazy times we live in people R all 2 ready 2 fall in love or vent their anger, depending where they R coming from. its all just projections, its all just chaos & madness.


ecstatic beings love it all. as descended mistresses, U can tell us we belong in the gutter & we really wont care. Bcos our hearts R so big our eyes can still see the stars.


if U get this book, if it speaks 2 U, then 4 sure, i am ecstatic. & if U dont, then U know, im ecstatic as well. Cos it means the book’s got 2U, & ultimately, that’s just as powerful.

dancing in the1