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turkish delight

November 1, 2009

i uploaded the whole album 2 fbook

i also joined flickr, but i dont really know what im doin

here R sum of mi faves


this was the little apartment i stayed in


there it is, nestling in the trees


amazing light


beautiful plants


great classes


stunning sea


wonderful people


bcos i still love U 2moro

February 15, 2009

download mi love sweet love mix here


its a little quiet, sorry.

u can also still download mi 2008 magic mixXx from january

maria von chia

October 4, 2008

i love chia seeds

this is what 2 tbsp chia seeds look like once they have been soaked in water for an hour

all gloopy & gelatinous, like flax seed

at the moment i have chia milk 4 breakfast every day

the recipe is 2 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tsp lecithin, 1 cm ginger root, juice 1 lemon, 1/4 tsp ashwaganda, 1/4 tsp purple corn, 2 litres water

it makes me feel like dancing

fresh out the box

July 16, 2008

new shoesnew vinyllife is sweet