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day out of time

July 25, 2008

in the mayan calendar july 25th is the day out of time.

instead of being all weird made up months that dont make sense like the gregorian calendar, the dreamspell calendar follows the cycles of the moon. moon cycles r always 28 days, so in a year there r 13 moons.

13 x 28 = 364 which means there is one day left ova, THE DAY OUT OF TIME. 

(dreamspell is jose arguelles’ calendar, which is kind of like “mayans made easy”)

July 25th always seems 2 me 2 b a day where time disappears, i cant get anything done, nothing turns out how i planned, but it’s actually much better. everything shifts, & the perspective i have on mi life at the end of the day can b quite significantly different than the 1 i had at the beginning of the day, & indicative of the path 2 take thru the next 13 moons. 

so instead of photos here’s a beautiful painting of me by a wonderful woman called Shannon

and here’s a link 4 the Peace Intention Experiment on Sep 14th “to test the power of group intention to lower violence in areas around the world.”

the Mayan calendar seems quite confusing when u first look at it but i think as a starting point just understanding abt the 13 moons & how august always brings in a shift of energies is really helpful. & the otha major point it has 2 make is that time runs out in 2012 & afta that we enter a state of timelessness. which personally i am looking 4wd 2 bcos i am ALWAYS late & terrible at keeping track of time & i  wld b quite glad if we didn’t have 2 worry abt it anymore.

c i did words, & i wasn’t going 2 do words on this blog only pictures, that’s what the day out of time does 2 u turns everything topsy turvy, but in a way that feels unexpectedly good.


hunab ku

July 19, 2008

alxXx came round in his slippers after he had had his feet tattooedwe sat in the kitchen & talked abt the mayans and stuff