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fairy dust fills the sky

November 18, 2009

i love fireworks sooo much

when i was a kid it was always mi favrite time of year – it was my mums bday, my brothers bday, halloween, fireworks & my bday all in the space of 2 wks

altho firework night in this country is a classic case of sheeporexia

guy fawkes tried 2 blow up parliament

R we celebrating the fact that he tried (oooh)

or that he failed (aaaah)

ive always hoped it was the former but i think most people R celebrating the latter


i jus love the visual representation of mi cerebral cortex filling the night sky

& if u want 2 know what it sounds like inside mi cerebral cortex, its something like this

burger me

September 29, 2009

kyle gave me a manna burger on sat at the festival of life.


i 4get what was in it but it was good.


there was the burger & a cheesy bit & relish & then the wrap thing


bit heavy 4 my sensitive digestion but v delicious

Jus A Little of What i am Enjoying Right Now

August 30, 2009

heres my new mix

its jus what i am liking right now

it gets a bit overexcited in the middle then it calms down at the end


i dont normally bother with a tracklisting but im feeling industrious so here u R

Supermagic – Mos Def

The Music – Ebony Bones!

Witness – Roots Manuva

Reality TV – J Dilla feat. Black Thought

Oops – HudMo

Box n Locks – Mpho

Casa Bey – Mos Def

F**k the Police – J Dilla

Doncha – Pussycat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes

Bonkers – Dizzee Rascal

Stuck – Peven Everett

Squeeze Me – Kraak & Smaak feat. Ben Westbeech

Messages from the Stars – the RAH band

Starz  – Jaylib

Superpowers – my Toys Like Me

Bopgunn – Heralds of Change

Flashlight – Parliament


heres some older mixes as well if U like

the further adventures of timmy

August 29, 2009

timmy eating birthday cake


timmy climbing the cheese plant like its a tree


timmy enjoying the music of the stylophone


timmy resting in between adventures


timmy djing. he liked the new hudson mohawke so much he put it on loop.



2 for the price of 1

April 11, 2009

im really behind on mi photos. ive been goin2 2 many parties & ting. so 2nite we’ve got 2 for 1 on djs.

here is mi boy hudmo


his music sounds like the inside of mi brain like no-one elses knows how


& plastic people has neva let  me down


& here is the bpm boy thristian selecting at the qtip afterparty a few weeks bac.


i luv it when a dancefloor is rammed & then u get 2 the end of the night & theres just a few of U left. i am very often the last person dancing, not wanting it 2 end. this was one of those nights.



the youth of 2day

March 29, 2009

i just uploaded the whole album of kidz rave pictures 2 facebook.

here R sum of mi favrites.


thats me djing


raise ur hands if U understand




mi angel


the breakdancing ballerina


such a good look


ethan also sporting a good look


U can download mi kidz rave mix here.

its perfect 4 parties where kidz or adults have had 2 many smarties.


whats my name (horses without heads)

ali baba (john holt)

consider urself (oliver!)

its oh so quiet (bjork)

i wanna b like U (jungle book)

pocket calculator (kraftwerk)

magic number (de la soul)

overnight (hudson mohawke)

f***ing formula (dorian concept)

oom pa pa (oliver!)

mom & daddy (trash fashion)

bare necessities (jungle book)

19/2000 (gorillaz)

2moro (annie)

next ones in may, i wont B there but it will b ace. i wanna tour kidz rave! send us a msg if ud like 2 c one coming 2 a club near U & i will harass red.

pink electronic love goddesses

October 1, 2008

I am not a slave to the system, I am not a slave to any man.

I am ruled by pink electronic love goddesses.

 They look like a cross between this 

and Erykah Badu.

And also a bit like this.

They are the sum total of everything I have ever absorbed in my creative unconscious. From a childhood spent in front of the tv, an adult life consistently soundtracked with loud electronic music, and more recently the virtual world of the internet.

They love me so much, they tell me I have created them through my past memories, and that they are my future.

 They tell me everything is going to be OK and to stop worrying.



June 27, 2008

these are my favourite photos so far. this was the warp records festival in a car park in east london, for the launch of flying lotus’s first album, los angeles.

this is rustie & hudmo

this is the motherfucking gaslamp killer

the man himself, flylo

he’s a genius

it was heaven


heres ronan

flying lotus los angeles brainfeeder

ronan wearing mi hat