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November 24, 2008

fresh graffiti outside mi house





kiss it

November 6, 2008

Kiss mi Ass is a very personal response 2 the culture we inhabit which still values women as trophies, objects 2 be owned, and has yet 2 come 2 terms with the real virtues of a strong woman.

As John Lennon said, *woman is the nigger of the world…sadly this is still true 40 years later, but it is time 4 change!


For the Kiss It pieces,  I took the original piece, Kiss mi Ass, and photographed it on the graffiti wall where the original images were shot. i then took the new images, and graffited over those. The Kiss It pieces thus blur the distinction between subject and object 2 the point where hopefully it is no longer possible 2 separate the 2. The objectification process has been nullified.


There are 3 Kiss It pieces –

*the predominant conception of objectification

*the power & nobility of a strong woman

*undervalued & underappreciated & im not scared


u can c the pieces in more detail, & purchase them, at mi etsy shop



i luv brighton

October 10, 2008

i luv brighton is mi daily mantra

bcos the only traffic noise in mi street is from skateboards

bcos the builders eat alfalfa sprouts

bcos the bus drivers r fully pierced up tattooed lesbians

bcos the streets r NEVA dull & grey

ps more obama cool stuff from 4 hero




love is the fuel

September 11, 2008

shower girl & shower boy

August 20, 2008

here are the shower attendants at the big chill

she’s got the same dress as me & a necklace made of soap bars

they gave us pens 2 draw on the walls while we were queueing. c if u can spot mine.

beach boyZ

August 13, 2008

and their mum

3 am eternal

August 7, 2008

wandering the streets of brighton

kiss mi ass

June 30, 2008

its basically abt the objectification of women & the prostitution of the artist

abt how i often feel undervalued  & overlooked in mi daily life

how many children does a girl need 2 have 2 get respect in our culture? how many books does she need 2 write?
maybe i shld just take the easy road & flash mi bum 2 get sum attention round here

i can currently b found selling mi body in order 2 feed mi children on ebay