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nosaj thing

January 6, 2010

went 2 a brainfeeder nite with a magical lady called jacqui

it was kinda different cos it was in a cinema & everyone was sitting down

staring at the visuals on the big screen, & jus listening 2 the music

there was a lot of head nodding going down. & a lot of blazing.

did U know marijuana is practically legal in california? they keep it quiet.

but “medical” marijuana is everywhere. well everywhere i went anyway.

U jus need like this card from ur doctor 2 say U “need” it & then they have dispensaries all ova town where U can go pick it up. & U can smoke it whereva U like. well, whereva ur allowed 2 smoke.

anyway the brainfeeder thing was odd at first, not being standing up dancing, but once U got in2 it it was incredible, the combination of the visuals & the music 2 put U in an altered state was really powerful.

these photos R of nosaj thing

this was the 1st time hed done his live show with the visuals

he really stole the show. big things in 2010.

i filmed a little bit 2.

summer soul bliss

July 15, 2009

june 20th, a car park in shoreditch


flying lotus


gaslamp killer


kode 9


dorian concept


& my favritest favrite Benji B

i charmed my way in2 the vip area & got sum good footage

beat junkie bliss




not like planet earth

June 25, 2009

there R 3 new videos on my new Utube page


none of them R abt raw foods


so 4 all the raw food fans heres a dish we made when i was teaching the other day


its sea spaghetti in a curried tomato sauce topped with cacao nibs, goji berries, hulled hemp & crystal manna.


now watch this.

the 273rd post

June 23, 2009

this was my 1st entry on jun 21st 2008


princess leia gets priority seating on the train.

this is a photo of me outside a massage parlour in shoreditch in jun 08.


& same place again almost exactly a year later


have i changed?


sometimes its hard 2 put my life in2 words which is why i wanted 2 attempt here 2 put it in2 pictures. “magic” 4 me is an easy word 2 summarise the daily insights, interactions & serendipities which cause me 2 feel that life is an inherently joyous  & wondrous experience. its the odd moments, the tiny incidences which form the fabric of our days that make me believe life is a gift handed 2 us by a loving & beneficent creator.


i cant make my life make sense easily with words. as i go from hiphop 2 housework via tahini & tattoos, the worlds i travel thru seem disconnected, randomly thrust 2gether in a sequence which defies logic. 


but of course flying lotus & fo ti root, red mutha & reishi tea, do all have a connecting thread, & that is my love 4 them all.


we R the slash slash slash generation. not happy with labels, we usually need at least 3 (eg writer/mother/dancer). we can & we do do everything we believe we can. maybe my slashes R more random than most. but that doesnt make them any less real or less heartfelt.


my pictures R a testament 2 this blessing we call humanity.


they R a celebration of the diversity of a life lived outside the box.


i share them in the hope that they serve as an affirmation 4 us all that the good life is found in friends, family, food & music.


all we need is a heart that bursts with love & a mind that trusts fully in the magic & infinity is ours.




his name in lights

April 22, 2009







C that? it say flying lotus in lights on the ceiling.

mi people of the year

December 31, 2008

flylo 4 all the musical inspiration, especially brainfeeder


red & dan, 4 dressing me so finely


daddy chris, sweet dani & baby aaron


mi boyz


warrior queen shazzle


homegirl rochelle


matty 4 angelic assistance


catchpole mi annoying kid brother


zak 4 lots of things, but especially this


ronan mi homeboy


mi chocolate boyfriend, 4 being real


& last but not least YOU: THANKU 4 LOOKING, I LOVE YOU X


2008 has been by far and away the best year of mi life

December 28, 2008

I moved home, 2 a place I love beyond words.


 I home educated mi 3 sons and saw them reach their 5th, 8th, and 11th birthdays.


I had a book published.


I got to meet a lot of mi heroes


& reconnect with old friends I love dearly.


 I had 2 art exhibitions.


 I have been working on a book that I am totally & utterly in love with.


I did talks, workshops, & consultations all ova the country.


I had a lot of fun.



top of the pops 2008

December 27, 2008

erykah badu – new amerykah

q tip – the renaissance

daedelus – love to make music to

flying lotus – los angeles

gilles peterson – in the house

tawiah – in jodie’s bedroom

pink electronic love goddesses

October 1, 2008

I am not a slave to the system, I am not a slave to any man.

I am ruled by pink electronic love goddesses.

 They look like a cross between this 

and Erykah Badu.

And also a bit like this.

They are the sum total of everything I have ever absorbed in my creative unconscious. From a childhood spent in front of the tv, an adult life consistently soundtracked with loud electronic music, and more recently the virtual world of the internet.

They love me so much, they tell me I have created them through my past memories, and that they are my future.

 They tell me everything is going to be OK and to stop worrying.


big chill stars

September 8, 2008

roisin murphy was amazing certainly

flylo was mi favrite show

benga was mental

norman jay rules sundays