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moss side

June 9, 2009

i have a very healthy love affair going on with irish moss right nowDSC09925

also known as carrageen, its a reddish brown sea vegetable which can B used 2 make outstanding raw desserts


such as these


this is a choclate one, ive also been doing a goji one & a lemon one. im a bit mossessed.


when u blend the moss up with loads of liquid it acts as a thickener & ends up a bit like angel delight. it has no flavour so its the perfect base 4 mousses & puddings & tarts.


its also outrageously healthy, containing loads of all the usual nutritional celebrities, & very good 4 the gut.


i’ll post recipes soon but in the meantime u can buy ur irish moss here & check out elaina love’s ebook full of info & recipes.


and listen 2 this. simbad’s supercosmic revolution mix 4 brainfeeder.