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January 22, 2010

i have moved

4 further adventures involving cake

hip hop

cute boyz

& the love revolution

please come this way


December 11, 2009

in 2010 most of mi new recipes will go on the bubble

theres abt 150 recipes in each of mi 3 recipe books

another dozen or so in ecstatic beings

& over 30 free recipes on the website

i work really hard on mi recipes. i test them out at least 3 times b4 im happy 2 publish them. each one takes abt 5 or 6 hours in all. i want them 2 really work 4U & b the best they can B.

this one’s i can go go too too

reuben’s new video. he made the music as well.

aint no trifling matter

December 6, 2009

My first Christmas as a raw fooder was in 1993. I didn’t do very well, to be honest. I seem to remember going hard on the roast potatoes.

Anyhow, I’ve had lots of opportunities to invent raw Christmas fayre, and in the spirit of the season in 2009, I thought I’d compile a list for you to inspire you for your own raw Christmas menus.


Warming your gravy and serving it over your dinner is always a good idea. Warm your plates as well. If you’re using a dehydrator, try and serve as much as possible straight from it. Warm is good.

Tahini & miso gravy (Eat Smart Eat Raw p34)

Greyvy (Raw Magic p99)


You can also take any of my burger recipes and make them into loaves. My favourite is probably Burger Me (Raw Magic p164).

Nut Loaf (Eat Smart Eat Raw p72)

Chick Pea Loaf (Raw Living p135)

Mashed Parsnips (Raw Living p111)

Christmas Coleslaw (Raw Living p112)

Cranberry & Goji Relish (Raw Magic p101)


Raw Christmas desserts are easy because they are all about the dried fruit and the spices. The only thing that’s hard is choosing which one to make first.

Mincemeat Tart (Eat Smart Eat Raw p102)

Christmas Cake (Eat Smart Eat Raw p103)

Christmas Puddings (Eat Smart Eat Raw p105)

Christmas Sweets (Eat Smart Eat Raw p119)

Goji & Macadamia Mincemeat Mess (Raw Living p185)

Trifle (Raw Living p186)

Christmas Iced Bombe (Raw Living p189)

All the photos R of Matrix Tart (Raw Magic p214). Matrix Tart is the deviant mincemeat tart full of goji goodness resting in a cacao crust.

Happy Chocmas!

December 1, 2009

yes, chocmas is coming & the tunes R getting phat

i stopped celebrating christmas a few years bac, & started celebrating chocmas instead.

chocmas is abt casting aside the empty stressful materialism of christmas & celebrating the fact that we live the true values of christmas throughout the year, not just 4 one day.

we spend time with our loved ones, we share our gifts, we eat our favourite foods, & we try & live in peace & harmony with all mankind, evry day.

here’s mi chocmas cake available 4 dec only in whole, half & quarter sizes – orange & spice chocolate cake crammed with suma, purple corn & he shou wu & topped with cranberries & almonds.

raw food goddess at 18

raw food goddess at 71

23 again

November 12, 2009

i havent been here much recently bcos ive been working on the bubble, which went live yesterday on the 11.11

[rockyou id=154824996&w=426&h=320]

but i cldnt let it go 2 long without showing U mi bday cake


with the help of mi glamorous assistant hudro


we made a lime cheezecake affair with raspberry coulis & choKlate frosting


& b4 U ask, yes i will post the recipe when its ready, as i do always test out mi recipes again & again 2 B sure they really work b4 i share them (this is known as dedicakeshun)


U can c more photos from mi bday on fbook

& U cld listen 2 this at the same time

(i think the waajeed mix is probably mi tune of the year)

chocKlate Kake

October 15, 2009

taught a lovely class 2day


here’s the cake we made


lavender & purple corn & he shou wu & suma


heres daedelus at village underground last friday.

alfred is such the gentleman. he said 2 me, “im goin2 get sum food. but of course nothing is as good as ur raw food.” hes the best.

whats 4 dinner?

September 8, 2009

beautiful figs, the fruit of paradise?


a heart-shaped pepper?


a salad of flowers?


sum cacaomole?


mayBe ur not hungry & ud jus like sum hemp milk?


or if ur timmy mayBe ud prefer 2 jus sit in the box the food came in.


cacao magic

August 26, 2009

emma took these photos of my class last week


i talked abt chocklate 4 3 hours


joe said it was the most relaxed food demo hed ever seen


we made a choklate heart, with goji berries, yacon root, orange, he shou wu & purple corn


it was gorgeous, if i say so myself


here im showing the pretty choklate pictures in my book


just in case u dont know, i do monthly classes in brighton & london


i LOVE doing them so much


pls come 1 day, i think u might love them 2


next events R london, sep 7th and the kidz party sep 19th.


take me 2 infinity

August 17, 2009

i am very blessed 2 have one of the best wholefood stores in the country on my doorstep


it must stock more choclate than anyone cld imagine possible 4 a healthfood store 2 stock


theres more than a whole aisle of it


heres hudro doing a sampling session 4 us a few weeks ago


isnt she fabulous

lucky Us

July 10, 2009

more winners from our luckyMe competition on the site

we asked – *why do U feel blissed & blessed?

melina said, “I love my crazy life and all the people in it. Challenges, happiness, tears, joy. The creator expresses himself through all emotions and how much fun is it that I can experience all the creativity of the one creator and discover my superpowers through that. “


i say, i am blissed 2 live so near the seafront.

kristin said, “if anyone is suffering out there, you CAN enjoy and love life-start thanking everything you love in your life and you will receive so much love and happiness you can’t imagine! I could list everything I am thankful and grateful for in my life but the bottom line is…I am thankful for EVERYTHING…even the ups and downs…..these have made me the stronger person I am today!!”

i say, i was blessed 2 meet peter dawkins again in june


Holly said, “One of my favourite quotes of Kate’s is, “I believe the best way to make the world a better place is to be a FORCE FOR GOOD in every way you can, at every moment possible.” I just love how powerful sending out uplifting and positive energy out into the world is!!  I have learnt tremendous amounts of info on the amazing superfoods and magical foods i had no idea even existed!”

i say, i am blissed 2 have such lovely customers



photo by diana crenshaw

isabelle wrote us a beautiful story about wearing her bliss, “Thank you for this new garment of bliss! It is so beautiful, it scintillates, it radiates, it shimmers and shines! Oh, it is so beautiful! Thank You for giving it to me.” She sent us this photo

for Raw Living

“I am wearing rags and God is giving me this beautiful shimmering white dress of living in bliss. Oh, I am so happy to get rid of my negativity!”

i say i am blessed with the new love of a magic kitten