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May 3, 2009

new recipe up on mi website


when i teach, i try & give templates rather than exact recipes which must b followed 2 the letter – guidelines which if U stick 2 U can vary endlessly – the only limit is ur own imagination


with this mayonnaise this week, i made double the recipe given, & first made abt half of it in2 nori rolls, which i’m goin2 show U soon.

then i snipped up sum chives & sundried tomatoes (unsoaked) in2 the rest, & let it marinade 4 a day so the flavours had permeated the mayo (above).


some of that went on seasonal local biodynamic green leaves & alfalfa (above).

the remainder i dehydrated 4 around 24 hrs 2 make what i call “cheese” – kind of like goats cheese, crumbly creamy croutony bits that i sprinkled on mi salad the next day (below).

the salad is leaf, alfalfa, avo, flax oil, tahini, balsamic vinegar, crystal manna & cheese


always having easy staples like this in mi fridge means at mealtimes i can play around & always cum up with sumthing exciting in abt 5 mins.

with this recipe this week, i got 4 different meals out of it, leaving more time 4 having fun (below).