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end of the summer

September 17, 2008

last set of big chill pixXx

look at that tattoo

best hat eva

fairy glitter wrestling

ronan & his gang

big chill stars

September 8, 2008

roisin murphy was amazing certainly

flylo was mi favrite show

benga was mental

norman jay rules sundays

more big chill magic

September 1, 2008

random cute kid

give it up 4 annie nightingale

christian prommer’s drumlesson

mi tent essentials – a good book, unicorns, choclate spread & rainbow eyelashes

i find taking pictures of urself 1st thing in the morning is a very gd way 2 find out what u look like wen u dont have a mirror

the rolling hills

big chillers

August 24, 2008


kev the poet

zak the master genie

tim again

and o look there’s me 



August 22, 2008

reuben was complaining there werent as many photos of him up as his brothers. so here r LOTS of photos of reuben at the big chill.

friday nite @ the big chill

August 21, 2008

shower girl & shower boy

August 20, 2008

here are the shower attendants at the big chill

she’s got the same dress as me & a necklace made of soap bars

they gave us pens 2 draw on the walls while we were queueing. c if u can spot mine.

ronan at the big chill

August 15, 2008

i love ronan

he is like mi embarrassing dad

this is ronan & zak. this isnt a camera effect this is actually what they looked like by sunday evening.

daedelus at the big chill

August 14, 2008

daedelus is a genius

i think he is the reincarnation of beethoven

he is playing in brighton on saturday as part of the loop festival

i have invited him round 4 T & cake i hope he cums

this is from his new album *love 2 make music 2* on ninja tune

bac from the big chill

August 4, 2008

flylo was legendary