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malibu beach

December 21, 2009

with my amazing host, greg

santa monica pier

December 18, 2009

daniel took me on santa monica pier

the light is incredible here

with a quality & a crispness far surpassing that of the brighton light i so often marvel at

which is obviously one of the main reasons why the film industry is here

also the sun sets really quickly – u dont get an hour of dusk like we do – more like 10 mins & bam! its proper dark

surprisingly 4 a country where everything is supersized, the pier is very small

there were seagulls, tho not loads like we have, pigeons & pelicans

it’s fascinating bcos altho at first glance everything seems so similiar 2 england, look a little closer & there R so many subtle but significant differences.

the 273rd post

June 23, 2009

this was my 1st entry on jun 21st 2008


princess leia gets priority seating on the train.

this is a photo of me outside a massage parlour in shoreditch in jun 08.


& same place again almost exactly a year later


have i changed?


sometimes its hard 2 put my life in2 words which is why i wanted 2 attempt here 2 put it in2 pictures. “magic” 4 me is an easy word 2 summarise the daily insights, interactions & serendipities which cause me 2 feel that life is an inherently joyous  & wondrous experience. its the odd moments, the tiny incidences which form the fabric of our days that make me believe life is a gift handed 2 us by a loving & beneficent creator.


i cant make my life make sense easily with words. as i go from hiphop 2 housework via tahini & tattoos, the worlds i travel thru seem disconnected, randomly thrust 2gether in a sequence which defies logic. 


but of course flying lotus & fo ti root, red mutha & reishi tea, do all have a connecting thread, & that is my love 4 them all.


we R the slash slash slash generation. not happy with labels, we usually need at least 3 (eg writer/mother/dancer). we can & we do do everything we believe we can. maybe my slashes R more random than most. but that doesnt make them any less real or less heartfelt.


my pictures R a testament 2 this blessing we call humanity.


they R a celebration of the diversity of a life lived outside the box.


i share them in the hope that they serve as an affirmation 4 us all that the good life is found in friends, family, food & music.


all we need is a heart that bursts with love & a mind that trusts fully in the magic & infinity is ours.