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midsummer music

June 20, 2009

i did this mix when obama was inaugurated. im not so sure abt obama anymore. is he one of *them* or one of *us*? maybe it doesnt matter cos we R all one anyway. 

4 change, 4 hope, 4 america, here’s my june mix 4 download. featuring stevie wonder, erykah badu, j dilla, sly & the family stone & lots more.


in case u missed them, also check out the deep moon magic mix


and my dance mix 4 conscious cabaret


more reminders:

the raw mom summit starts on monday & its free 2 join if u sign up b4 then. U must!


next magic masterclass is next thurs, 25th. its a telephone class! u dont need 2 go anywhere. stay on the sofa. magic from my mouth in2 ur living room. its exciting.


& finally, the most exciting royal wedding since 1997, its our gela.

my next blog will B a special anniversary edition bcos A Good Look is one year old on sunday. woop woop!


happy solstice!

god bless america

November 4, 2008

every president needs a mixtape




the revolution starts now

October 25, 2008

i was part of a talk a few wks ago abt the history of rave

that’s me with wayne anthony, mark heley & mixmaster morris

it was at luminopolis which grew out of synergy which kind of grew out of the warp which kind of grew out of megatripolis

megatripolis grew from the vision of fraser clark, who is now seriously ill with cancer

so there’s gonna b a megatripolis reunion at heaven on thurs nov 13th in aid of fraser

ill b there, speaking on the history of rave & its relevance 2 our future

more details 2 follow…

i luv brighton

October 10, 2008

i luv brighton is mi daily mantra

bcos the only traffic noise in mi street is from skateboards

bcos the builders eat alfalfa sprouts

bcos the bus drivers r fully pierced up tattooed lesbians

bcos the streets r NEVA dull & grey

ps more obama cool stuff from 4 hero




kiss the boyz & make them cry

October 9, 2008

girlz from southend

clothes from red mutha

art from shoreditch shuffle

ps its pretty simple


revolution everywhere i look

October 2, 2008

im speaking at the se one club on friday about midnight 

It was 20 years ago today…


Like the ‘First Summer of Love’ which started in Haight-Ashbury and went on to change the world, this important happening spread fast from places like London and Ibiza and likewise changed the world. We invite you to participate as we go back in time to 1988 and see why, where, when and how the ‘Second Summer of Love’ happened and the impact it had on both the Mainstream and the Counterculture.

A panel featuring Counterculture visionary FRASER CLARK (founder of the legendary groundbreaking alternative club ‘Megatripolis’) and KATE ‘MAGIC’ WOOD (author of the much awaited forthcoming book on the history of the ‘Second Summer of Love’: ’88: The Untold History of a Revolution), MARK HELEY (Waveform Festival), MIXMASTER MORRIS (The Irresistible Force) and WAYNE ANTHONY (author of ‘Class of 88’) will help lead the path to the past with a view to understanding the present state of the rave scene and navigating into the future as well. Music and film from the period will feature as well. This event is a don’t miss!