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city of angels

December 13, 2009

once i’d got past immigration (who let me in very reluctantly) i had the most amazing welcome 2 america.

matt & gela met me at mi hotel with a mind-blowing box of treats (of which more later…)

then they took me 2 rawvolution which blew mi mind sum more

as if by magic, we “bumped in2” chrissy there, who i had been planning 2 meet up with anyways

so there we were, 3 english girls having T & cake. & it was raining.

i think we span matt out a little. but that didnt stop him filming us 4 his rawfoodworld tv show.

when we got bac 2 the hotel i turned the tables & filmed him, which ill put on utube soon.

i 4got mi camra so i didnt take many pics, altho gela kindly let me use hers. these R artworks from the walls of rawvolution.

2day holds in store a nail bar in beverly hills, lunch with ani phyo, the beach, & a brainfeeder night. once again i do not have the words. we need new words! 4 the amazingness of life&love&blessings&magic&bliss….

midsummer music

June 20, 2009

i did this mix when obama was inaugurated. im not so sure abt obama anymore. is he one of *them* or one of *us*? maybe it doesnt matter cos we R all one anyway. 

4 change, 4 hope, 4 america, here’s my june mix 4 download. featuring stevie wonder, erykah badu, j dilla, sly & the family stone & lots more.


in case u missed them, also check out the deep moon magic mix


and my dance mix 4 conscious cabaret


more reminders:

the raw mom summit starts on monday & its free 2 join if u sign up b4 then. U must!


next magic masterclass is next thurs, 25th. its a telephone class! u dont need 2 go anywhere. stay on the sofa. magic from my mouth in2 ur living room. its exciting.


& finally, the most exciting royal wedding since 1997, its our gela.

my next blog will B a special anniversary edition bcos A Good Look is one year old on sunday. woop woop!


happy solstice!

i heart angela stokes

March 23, 2009

she has finally got her fiance visa from the us embassy after nearly a 2 year wait. she is going off 2 get married & live in paradise. i will miss her sporadic visits.










February 9, 2009

im not just abt the cake, uno.

i reckon i could have eaten more spirulina & algae than anyone else in the uk.

here R mi MAIN MEALS 4 a week.

always sprinkled with lecithin, ionic minerals, crystal manna, & aulterra.


monday = kale, sauerkraut, indian pickle


tuesday = flax cracker, avo, tomato, mushroom, alfalfa


wednesday = watercress, alfalfa, avocado, purple corn, chilli, lemon


thursday = flax crackers, sesamayo, alfalfa


friday = didn’t hava propa meal, ate 2 many kale chips


saturday = sea spaghetti, avo, sesamayo, cacao nibs


sunday = gela brought me round sum kelp noodles. i marinated them in tamari, vinegar & oil, & smothered them in Seagreens. i sense a new addiction coming on.

gela glorious gela

August 31, 2008

gela & matt came 2 T

me & gela have been friends since she lived with me in brighton in 2005

i first met matt in person when he pulled up in a cab outside mi house. he had come all the way from the usa unannounced 2 tell gela he loved her.

they r like a raw food celebrity couple now

so, if u no gela, u may no the girl can sing, but i bet u didnt no she can dj 2

here is her new video abt juice. i agree with her, i think juice is VERY important & i have been having it every day for 13 yrs. i am very bored of cleaning the juicer.



i luv mi sistars

July 8, 2008

scarlett’s house of heavenly healing


make raw food mainstream


raw emotions


sukis tshirts coming soon xxx