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i dont count mi blessings….i lose count

October 18, 2009

i taught a class yesterday


i feel so blessed that i have this information 2 share


& blessed that there R so many people 2 share it with


2day i ate TWO SLICES of quantum cake as well as a mushroom & watercress curry


i feel so blessed 2 fill mi little belly with the most incredible food on the planet


i took delivery of mi 2 new babies this week – a skin cream & a bath bar


soooo blessed 2 finally have them expertly produced & in mi hands after years of development

i uploaded 4 videos this week from the EB book launch

thankU rochelle 4 filming them 4 me!

so blessed 2 have that book out finally – thankU shazzie 4 all ur incredible work in making it happen


am bac working on 88 again – so blessed 2 B working on another project i love


& am ecstited abt all the magic im pouring in2 the bubble

why cant we shoom 2getha

April 14, 2009

a few weeks bac i went 2 interview jenni rampling 4 mi book “88 – the untold story of a revolution.” i was thrilled when jenni said shed meet with me – she hasnt given an interview in 20 years. 


jenni & danny 2getha ran shoom from 87 to 90. shoom was arguably the seminal acid house club. i wasnt goin2 include it in detail in mi book cos i felt it had already been covered. but so many of mi interviewees wanted 2 talk abt it, i had 2 put it in.


clubland is such a male dominated industry & i feel strongly that it was jenni’s input that went a big way 2 making shoom so special.


i found jenni 2 b a warm, humble & generous person. while danny gets all the glory, jenni is a mum & a special needs teacher these days.

dsc08022i was very grateful 2 get 2 meet her, & feel its fitting that its her story that goes in2 mi book. hers is typical of the untold stories i love 2 tell – people who do things 4 love, people who hava belief & a vision, r usually not the ones with the ego-drive and self-centred motivation 2 get noticed in this world. but they r the real people building our culture, even if they rnt shouting abt it.

it was also delightful 2 meet the gorgeous ms geary, a genius in her own right


& massive thanks 2 the fantastic fiona 4 orchestrating it all.

please sir, can i hav sum more?

March 15, 2009


This book tells the true story of the acid house revolution and how it shaped our 21st century culture. The timeline is well-documented now: in 1987 four lads from South London went to Ibiza. They came back, set up the UK’s first acid house clubs in London, which then gave birth to innumerable warehouse raves, club imitators, and most memorably, the outdoor parties of Sunrise, Genesis and Biology. The movement reached its peak with the festival on Castlemorton Common in 1992, which resulted in the arrests of most of the core members of the notorious Spiral Tribe sound system. Two years later, the Criminal Justice Bill outlawed repetitive beats and that was the end of that, dance culture was driven back into the clubs, and the rave experience became another facet of our soulless corporate culture; sanitised, diluted and bland.


But was it the end? Hasn’t the riot of colour that acid house introduced onto the streets cemented itself into our everyday lives, from home furnishings, to I-Pods, to high street fashion? Aren’t repetitive beats the soundtracks to our days, from washing powder ads to piped music in the benefits’ office? Isn’t staying out past 2 am on a Saturday night the accepted norm for young people, no longer an illicit act? Isn’t drug culture tolerated in all spheres of society, from politicians, to TV personalities, to Djs? Aren’t Djs themselves the new superheroes of the West, the ones raking in the millions with supermodel girlfriends in tow?


All this might not be entirely down to the efforts of those of us who spent 1988 and 1989 in dark sweaty South London clubs, hands in the air, hearts beating in unison to the four four. But it is the indirect result. For the acid house revolution touched an entire generation. It was very hard to be young and sentient in that brief window of unbridled ecstasy between 1988 and 1992 and not somehow be touched by its fervour, its potentiality, the positive and tangible evidence that, as we had suspected all along, there WAS more to life. Maybe most of us didn’t work out exactly what THAT was, but we were touched nonetheless. We grew up to want to be a more tolerant and environmentally responsible generation. And convinced that having nights of sheer hedonism was not a luxury, but a right worth fighting for.


So here we are in 2009, and I look around and I see solid evidence that “Making it to the Promised Land” isn’t just an impossible dream. That we have changed a lot, and we have the power to change a lot more. That the current system is on its knees, so visibly failing us all it has reached the ridiculous. That maybe, just maybe, if we all woke up and remembered how it felt, when millions of us danced in pure celebration and joy, and how exhilarating it was to taste that freedom, we stand a chance again. A chance to take back our power, to reclaim our birthright, to stand together in unity and say, it wasn’t just about the drugs. It wasn’t irresponsible behaviour. You’re the ones who poison us with your pesticides and chemtrails. You’re the ones who irresponsibly destroy the planet’s eco-system.


We, on the other hand, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


We are the ones who are not waiting anymore.



now thats what i call rave vol 88

February 11, 2009

heres the list of people ive interviewed 4 mi 88 book. i’ve finished now unless someone really special comes along.


1. Kate Poly Love Magic (that’s me, I’ve been interviewing myself A LOT)

2. Lol Hammond

3. Mark Moore

4. James Hamilton Epi, Evolution

5. Namalee & Steve from SuperSuper

6. John Guarana

7. Fraser Clark Epi, Evolution, Megatripolis, the Warp

8. Trash Fashion

9. David Manders Solaris

10. Richard C

11. Darren Belgrave raver

12. Felix Dickinson

13. Seb 69 db

14. Patrick Wow inventor of the Rave game

15. Lucifer

16. Martin Wood graphic design for evolution^

17. Maria Silmon raver

18. Sid

19. Zillah

20. Wayne Anthony

21. Marc 01

22. Nick Molloy

23. Atlanta Cook raver

24. Adam Sky e5d34ef097b0fbacdcacbe150ca4504032552457

25. Youth

26. Simone

27. Bert

28. Spiral Mark

29. Femi Fem

30. Aztek

31. Crispin J Glover producer, engineer

32. Jonny D the Shamen, Alabama 3

33. Graham

34. Mary from Whirl-y-gig

35. Andy Lockwood raver

36. Marc Mac

37. Ixy

38. Rhani raver

39. Jeff 23

40. Debbie Griffith Spiral Tribe

41. Jane

42. Paul Rogue graphic artist, slack, Megatripolis

43. Susie raver

44. Nick the Record

45. Paul DJ

46. Lucy Wills

47. Ben Crystal

48. Eddie Love Chocolate DJ, engineer

49. DJ Kin

50. Nick Mindscapes original VJ

51. Dino Psaras

52. Ronan Macdonald raver

53. Debz Sapsford events organiser – Megatripolis, Slack

54. Fitzroy da Buzzboy

55. Anna Scott raver

56. Darren Murphy

57. Graeme Park

58. Matt Moose producer

59. Roger Nell engineer

60. Trevor Shakes dancer

61. Marcia Carr

62. Kenny Bountiful Sunshine

63. Dave Haslam

64. Ysanne Spevack

65. DJ Tamsin

66. Alex Fisher writer

67. Phil Asher

68. Flufeee eco-activist

69. Charlie Hall The drum club

70. John Marsh The beloved

71. Marco Arnaldi DJ

72. Kirsty Hawkshaw

73. Fiona Cartledge Sign of the Times

74. DJ Monkey Pilot Whirl-y-gig

75. Helen Bath raver

76. Gilles Peterson DJ

77. Norman Jay MBE DJ

78. Jazzie B OBE DJ

79. Roy the Roach DJ, promoter, record shop owner

80. Red Mutha

81. Peter Dawkins

82. Nicky Holloway

83. Ian St Paul, Future, Spectrum, Land of Oz

84. Sheryl Garratt

85. Max Free raver

86. Mia Manners Spacetime fashion designer

87. Mixmaster Morris DJ, producer, promoter

88. Charlie Colston Hayter Sunrise festival

89. Mark Heley writer, DJ, promoter


i cant wait 4 the launch party





megatripolis reunion

October 29, 2008


Benefit Event for Legendary Party Promoter
Fraser Clark


Thursday 13th November 2008
Starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am.
Heaven Night Club
, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG, UK

Dubbed the Timothy Leary of the e-generation, founding Zippie and grandfather of Luminopolis, Fraser Clark, has recently been diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer and his time within this reality zone is possibly drawing to a close. A special one-off Megatripolis event will be held as a fundraiser for his specialist medical care.

In the late 1980’s Fraser the creator and editor of the Encyclopaedia Psychedelica, (EPi) a London based magazine, which achieved international recognition & wherein he developed the concept and coined the phrase Zippie, with the idea of saving the planet, encouraging a consciousness craze and to embrace technology.

Evolution followed in 1990 and was the flagship magazine of the rave culture and gained wide recognition both here in the Uk and America, thus paving the way for his next move into dance culture.

Megatripolis was founded in 1993 and was one of the first people to recognise the synergy arising from combining New Age ideology with Rave culture. Creating the first UK in-door festival where people were exposed to cross-cultural ideas and experiences.

Megatripolis was a pioneer of the “Parallel University”, the concept of offering live talks by philosophers, scientists and activists (along with supporting literature) to club-goers. Visits from speakers such as Allen Ginsberg, Terence McKenna, George Monbiot, Howard Marks and Ram Dass were common.

Megatripolis spawned a thousand imitators and is perhaps Fraser Clarks most enduring legacy.

In the late 1990’s, Fraser teamed up with the genius alternative theatre writer / actor / director Ken Campbell to create The Warp Experience, 24 hour stage play by Niel Oram, within a 24 hour trance party.
The Warp Experience was based at The Drome – the cavernous tunnels under London Bridge Station now known as seOne. After it
finished, a number of the production crew went on to create The Synergy Project  – now known as Luminopolis.


The Line-up

The main room . . . .


DJ‘s playing Shamanic + Mega –T classics only.

22:00 – 23:30   Darius Akasaic

23:30 – 1:00     Richard Gray

1:00 – 1:30        A miracle on the dance floor?
Everyone who wishes will gather on the main Heaven dance floor to Love bomb the man who started it all.

Love is the only answer, and this could be a hugely powerful application of applied love our love will flow to Fraser as deep and holy healing, surround and overwhelm him!  He will absorb it and allow it to work within him, bathing all his cells in golden light.  As he sends the love back out to us, we will visualise the flow of golden energy radiating out, healing, carrying all dis-ease with it, transforming discomfort into joy and worries into peace, activating a beautiful Circle of Love that will flow out through London, the planet’s Heart Chakra. This is our time.  Fraser will no doubt ascend to Higher Heaven at this point, disappearing in a lightning flash! (TBC)

1:30 – 4:00     Marco Arnaldi

4:00 – 5.30      Nic The Record

5.30 – 6.30      All the above DJ’s will play 1 record each in rotation.


2nd room . . . .


Inspiral and Luminopolis (formerly known The Synergy Project)

The Magic Cauldron of Creation invites you to a soiree of creative expressions with many of our artists linking back to the days of Megatripolis


3rd room . . . .

Techno Silence Suite

A Celebration & investigation of the life, work and ideas of Fraser Clark, a giant of the Counter Culture and Shamanarchic Rave Scene. We will talk, discuss, network, meditate, pray, and even dare to be silent.

Is Fraser now being proved right in predicting (and advocating) the extinction of Dinosaur culture?

Did the old hippy/raver/tribal elder get it right?!  As Western Capitalism flounders, will the New Shamanarchic Paradigm come to the fore and a more loving, harmonious, inner-travelling and non-competitive world come into being in our lifetime?  How exactly will this scenario play out?  



Mark Heley, Kate Magic and other thinkers plus (health allowing)
Fraser himself.  

MEGATRIP FOREVER TRIBUTE: Friends, colleagues and allies of Fraser will talk about his personal influence on their lives and ideas. Audience contribution encouraged. [The MEMORY WALL will be created here, so please bring images, flyers etc from past events]


MEGATRIPOLIS FOREVER BOOK:  Kate Magic will talk about her forthcoming book 1988: The Untold Story of a Revolution, focusing on her chapter on Fraser and his concepts etc.

Megatrip Forever Meditation & Prayer:  Spiritual groups will be onstage to pray for Fraser’s health and vitality to be restored.

Megatrip Forever Theatre: Performances from both Neil Oram‘s The WARP play, and Fraser’s own coming MEGATRIPOLIS@FOREVER RAVE HOPERA.

Megatrip Forever Poetry: Poets will recite poems related to Fraser’s life, work and person.

Megatrip Forever Film: A shamanic theme in our surprise film première. Expect to go on a journey.

Megatripolis Forever Connections: All night we’ll be meeting, RE-CONNECTING, networking, and, dare I say it, loving each other.

Featured Performers
Neil Oram
– Writer of The Warp

Kate Magic – Rave Author: ’88 The Untold Story

Mark Heley – Organiser/Conceptualiser: Sunrise, WaveForm Festivals

BuddhaField – Buddhist Meditative Guides

Paradox – Poet Extraordinaire

Niall McDevitt – Poet Extraordinaire

SpaceGirl – Poet Extraordinaire

John ‘The Crow’ Constable – Visionary Mystic/Playwright/Poet

Yogi G./Gina Feitelson – Actress/Comedian

George O’Gurdjieff – Spiritual Teacher

: Jeff (‘JeffMan’) Laster.


4th room

Room 23

Mix Master Morris

Foolish Felix

Eddy Lovechocolate

Line-up TBC



MEGATRIPOLIS benefit event for legendary
party promoter Fraser Clark

Thursday 13th November 2008
Starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am.
Heaven Night Club, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG, UK

£8.00 at the door

Advance online tickets are available at:


Order over the phone Tel: 02072678320 and 02072676148

Physical Tickets from:

Access All Areas – 2nd Floor, 30c Camden Lock Place, London NW1 8AF

Inspiral Lounge – 250 Camden High Street, Camden Lock, NW1 8QS



the revolution starts now

October 25, 2008

i was part of a talk a few wks ago abt the history of rave

that’s me with wayne anthony, mark heley & mixmaster morris

it was at luminopolis which grew out of synergy which kind of grew out of the warp which kind of grew out of megatripolis

megatripolis grew from the vision of fraser clark, who is now seriously ill with cancer

so there’s gonna b a megatripolis reunion at heaven on thurs nov 13th in aid of fraser

ill b there, speaking on the history of rave & its relevance 2 our future

more details 2 follow…

88 – the untold story of a revolution

September 10, 2008

what takes up most of mi time at the moment, apart from mi children & mi house & raw foods &&& is mi 88 book.

it’s abt the original acid house scene in london in 1988-92 & how it had a massive cultural influence on how we live now which i feel is tragically undervalued & unappreciated. so many of the freedoms we enjoy now, so much of our growing holistic consciousness, came out of that wave of breath-taking heart-stopping energy that was the rave scene before it became criminalised sanitised & sold bac 2 us in a massively diluted form.

& so much more than that, just abt anything anyone says these days i can bring bac 2 mi book & the unstoppable force that that particular form of the basic human need 2 ingest mind-altering substances and party unleashed on the world. i cld go on 4 a long time which is why i am writing a book so 4 now i will stop & just show u some pictures.

artwork by the scoobie doobies who r doing the main artwork 4 mi book

these r mi b4 & afta pictures – the 1st one is from a magazine beginning of 88 – the 2nd is from i-D  in 1991 

spiral tribe r one of the main focuses of the book & mark spiral gave 1 of the most intresting interviews

me in 88