randoms part 23

December 3, 2009


WOMENS LIBERATION: ladies, how many times have U used the internet 2 express truths & reveal creativities & connect with cake mates that U wld have found it harder 2 do within the limitations of ye olde 3D worlde? Facecook is the new wave of female emancipation….

timmy riding bareback

woo hoo!

had a glorious time at manna the other nite. here is kyle being an ecstatic being.

had a brilliant review from nina at inspiral >>>>>

looking 4wd soooo much 2 LA

AND ima gettin me a Lord Quas 4 christmas


Happy Chocmas!

December 1, 2009

yes, chocmas is coming & the tunes R getting phat

i stopped celebrating christmas a few years bac, & started celebrating chocmas instead.

chocmas is abt casting aside the empty stressful materialism of christmas & celebrating the fact that we live the true values of christmas throughout the year, not just 4 one day.

we spend time with our loved ones, we share our gifts, we eat our favourite foods, & we try & live in peace & harmony with all mankind, evry day.

here’s mi chocmas cake available 4 dec only in whole, half & quarter sizes – orange & spice chocolate cake crammed with suma, purple corn & he shou wu & topped with cranberries & almonds.

raw food goddess at 18

raw food goddess at 71

Be A Bubbler!

November 29, 2009

i have a new website!


im very ecstited!

we R giving away a free month’s membership!

lets play X

ladies night

November 25, 2009

It was my birthday. I got a bit Sister Sledge. Wanted all my sisters with me.

Free – Deniece Williams

Love of my Life (an Ode to Hip Hop) – Erykah Badu

Who was I Trying to Fool – Iman

Lovefool – The Cardigans

Big Time Sensuality – Bjork

No More – J Davey

Glory Box (live) – Portishead

Reasons – Minnie Riperton

Everybody Got their Something – Nikka Costa

Gimmee – Jill Scott

Warship Touchante – Brides of Funkenstein

What’s my Name – Native Sol

I Am Woman – Betty Wright


eat ur heart out

November 23, 2009

well what can i say abt scottee

hes avant garde, darling

i’ll let the pictures speak 4 themselves

this was his darcy bussell look

this was mi favrite outfit. this is what a gay man thinks a vagina looks like.

this is the bit where he vomits over everyone

isnt he cute

brighton loved U scottee! come bac soon!

full album on flickR

red mutha strikes again…

November 21, 2009

dan made zachary a jacket 4 his bday in may

shamefully ive only jus got round 2 taking good pics

altho 2 B fair he didnt wear it so much in the summer cos the weather was so lovely

anyway red mutha will resurrect an item of clothing 4U out of pretty much anything U give them

once i gave them my old brownie blanket & sum clothes i wasnt wearing anymore & now i have a couple of tops & a couple of skirts splattered with old brownie & guide badges


ps come & have dinner with me next sat x

birthday bliss

November 19, 2009

i spent mi actual bday with 3 of mi favrite people

reuben ethan & zachary

& they made me a 3 course meal

kale chips

followed by spaghetti bolognese

& shiitake mushrooms

finished with raw magic heaven (the recipe’s in raw magic)

i definitely had the best bday eva

i cannot state 2 many times what a joy it is 2 spend my days with 3 such intelligent, funny, handsome, connected inviduals. words fail me cos i always feel like im gushing or bragging or hyping…but really. its a wondrous thing.

ps i have an amazing spaghetti bolognese recipe im goin2 post in the Bubble!

Welcome to the Other Side of the Fence

November 19, 2009

Greener Grass is my green powder blend

it came abt bcos i used 2 put a teaspoon of this & a teaspoon of that on everyone’s food & i got bored of dishing them all out so i thought i’d make a blend

& then we thought it was so good we should share it

it contains hemp protein, barleygrass, spirulina, crystal manna, he shou wu, purple corn, kelp, chilli & salt

we did a tasting in infinity a few weeks ago

& we’ve also got a Greener Grass competition running at the moment, which I’ve been very bad at getting round to judging, but will close on 31st November. pls email rawliving.eu@gmail.com & tell me why the grass is greener on your side of the fence!

heres my greener grass video

& theres also a new interview up on the Bubble that brandon did with me

fairy dust fills the sky

November 18, 2009

i love fireworks sooo much

when i was a kid it was always mi favrite time of year – it was my mums bday, my brothers bday, halloween, fireworks & my bday all in the space of 2 wks

altho firework night in this country is a classic case of sheeporexia

guy fawkes tried 2 blow up parliament

R we celebrating the fact that he tried (oooh)

or that he failed (aaaah)

ive always hoped it was the former but i think most people R celebrating the latter


i jus love the visual representation of mi cerebral cortex filling the night sky

& if u want 2 know what it sounds like inside mi cerebral cortex, its something like this


November 14, 2009

i am pretty much addicted 2 deviation


it has been running 4 2 years on the first wed of evry month


its always big


november saw sa-ra creative partners bless us with their gifts


it was glorious


full album on fbook