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revolution 999

August 5, 2009

There is so much fear around at the moment. Swine crunch, credit flu, the proposed reforms to home education laws, Codex Alimentarius, the closing of the Big Green Gathering, if it’s not one thing it’s sure to be another. A lot of people I know are worried, and asking what can we do?


Can I point out something really obvious here?


There’s not very many of them. Yes, they are evil @$*!ers and yes they do have a very sinister agenda and yes they do currently hold most of the power.


But someone told me this quote recently, and I can’t remember now who told me and where it was from. It was about how humanity is made up of 70 % of followers, people who just go along with the status quo. Then there’s the 20 %, which is us, the lightworkers, the people who actively work against the currents of the mass consciousness in the hope of change. And there’s the 10% who seek to control the masses for their own ends.


So if we just think of ourselves as 20%, we feel small, we feel as if we are the minority. But if we can wake that sleeping majority up to the reality of the situation on this planet then suddenly we become the 90% and the 10% are left powerless.


And if we are looking at tipping points, we only have to wake up 35 % of the sleeping majority to have the balance of power – 55 %.


Why have they got so many people so scared? Because we have been bullied and oppressed for so long, we’ve forgotten another way is possible. People have come to believe in their impotence because those are the stories we are fed by the media, that’s what they want us to believe. We are weak, they are strong. What could we possibly do?


So, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, let me say it again. There’s not that many of them. There’s way more people on the planet now who are actively working for peace than there’s ever been in the whole history of time. Stop believing in their lies. Stop working for their system. Together, we are powerful, we have all the answers.


Money and time are the greatest weapons they use against us, to entrap us, ensnare us in their ways of doing things. We don’t need their money, we’ll be happier without it, it’s a system which is based on division and a system which only the bullies and the greedy can win. Capitalism is sick, in all senses of the word.


Gregorian time is an artificial construct which pits us against the natural rhythms of the universe. It disconnects us and massively disempowers us. Step away from the 9-5 and feel the liberation.


Their other weapon is death. They scare us with visions of military regimes and police states and worldwide pandemics. But death is nothing to fear. In death we return to the light. And the light will always be stronger.


In the Masaru Emoto book Messages from Water, he discovers that the most ugly distorted patterns occur in the water crystals when they are ignored. Saying I hate you, playing heavy metal music, coming from New York taps – nothing is so destructive as just plain lack of attention.


They love it when we start banging on about conspiracy theories and chemtrails and new world order. They‘re like the naughty child, thriving on negative attention, feeding off the fear they create.


So third time lucky. There’s not that many of them. Let’s just stop giving them any attention, stop believing in their sad little stories which will never come true, because there’s too many of us who are not prepared to let them get away with it. We create our reality, remember? So let’s stop believing that they’ve even got a chance. And they haven’t.


Let’s focus on having fun. Throw a party, grow your garden, sing a song, make a cake, graffiti the streets with messages of hope and positivity. That’s always far more effective than actually caring about their unevolved ways.

eb cova

ecstatic beings, 144,000 ways to eternal ecstatic bliss is due 4 publication on 999

nearly 3 years in the making, shazzie & i have poured our hearts & souls in2 this little baby, 2 ensure EVERYTHING we know abt living an ecstatic life is in there. we have left no stone unturned in our pursuit of eternal bliss.

It’s like a Jackie annual on acid. it may make U laugh, it may shock U, it may comfort U, it may bemuse U, it may inspire U, it may enrage U, we don’t care so much, as long as it takes U one step further 2 waking up 2 being the true superbeing U r & bringing on the blessed revolution.


waiting 4 the train

July 31, 2009





summer soul bliss

July 15, 2009

june 20th, a car park in shoreditch


flying lotus


gaslamp killer


kode 9


dorian concept


& my favritest favrite Benji B

i charmed my way in2 the vip area & got sum good footage

beat junkie bliss





July 1, 2009

wayne anthony has just launched the 1st issue of his new magazine LSD (london street-art design)


this is what he says:


Out now is a brand new, totally free online magazine born out of the explosion of creative ideas in the public spaces around us, reclaiming the corporate cityscape, piercing the anaesthetised commute and flooding walls and spirits alike with colour and the power of ideas. LSD – London Street-Art Design magazine weaves the threads of the modern underground into a kaleidescope of ideas, insights, articles, features, wit so cutting you could crack a warehouse with it and a cast of switched on reprobates at the helm always on the lookout for talent, creativity, lateral thinking and fresh angles. 

The magazine will be bringing the concepts and currents behind the art alive, reflecting and helping to generate the creativity so vibrant in our streets today. Intuition and insight served up like you never thought of it but always knew it. Our culture crystallised online with contributions from writers, street artists, poets, DJ’s, urban philosophers, producers, the odd visionary genius and all round geezas…..Keeping us connected to the world around us…The bi monthly magazine is available at and like any spontaneous, organic and roots based project, looks forward to welcoming collaborators and contributors of all perspectives and backgrounds and building a virtual bus Ken Kesey could never even have dreamed of..

Much Love

Wayne Anthony & Sirius 23


as the man says, its free 4 download, i highly recommend u do so. it’s 315 pages long – my article is on p156!


i 1st had the good fortune 2 meet wayne when i interviewed him 4 my 88 book. wayne has written a book called “class of 88”.

this is a piece of kale which looks like a smiley.


& this is the pavement in shoreditch. i had stuck a whoosh sticker on a lampost months bac. the sticker had been removed but  a fragment from it remained stuck 2 the ground.

not like planet earth

June 25, 2009

there R 3 new videos on my new Utube page


none of them R abt raw foods


so 4 all the raw food fans heres a dish we made when i was teaching the other day


its sea spaghetti in a curried tomato sauce topped with cacao nibs, goji berries, hulled hemp & crystal manna.


now watch this.

the 273rd post

June 23, 2009

this was my 1st entry on jun 21st 2008


princess leia gets priority seating on the train.

this is a photo of me outside a massage parlour in shoreditch in jun 08.


& same place again almost exactly a year later


have i changed?


sometimes its hard 2 put my life in2 words which is why i wanted 2 attempt here 2 put it in2 pictures. “magic” 4 me is an easy word 2 summarise the daily insights, interactions & serendipities which cause me 2 feel that life is an inherently joyous  & wondrous experience. its the odd moments, the tiny incidences which form the fabric of our days that make me believe life is a gift handed 2 us by a loving & beneficent creator.


i cant make my life make sense easily with words. as i go from hiphop 2 housework via tahini & tattoos, the worlds i travel thru seem disconnected, randomly thrust 2gether in a sequence which defies logic. 


but of course flying lotus & fo ti root, red mutha & reishi tea, do all have a connecting thread, & that is my love 4 them all.


we R the slash slash slash generation. not happy with labels, we usually need at least 3 (eg writer/mother/dancer). we can & we do do everything we believe we can. maybe my slashes R more random than most. but that doesnt make them any less real or less heartfelt.


my pictures R a testament 2 this blessing we call humanity.


they R a celebration of the diversity of a life lived outside the box.


i share them in the hope that they serve as an affirmation 4 us all that the good life is found in friends, family, food & music.


all we need is a heart that bursts with love & a mind that trusts fully in the magic & infinity is ours.




beat junkies

June 6, 2009

now this was without a doubt, the best time


j rocc




benji B


totally rammed




full album is on facebook

this is compulsory viewing

made in heaven

June 5, 2009

made in heaven is our utterly cacao-free cake


it is also free from dried fruit, nuts, dairy, sugar, and actually anything that does not make U feel 100 % angelic ecstatic magic.


and of course it tastes divine.

Philip Normal has our raw chocolate bars in The Happy Shack in Camden Stables. So now if ur in north london u no where 2 go. & u can pick up a dress like mine!



birthday boy

June 5, 2009

we went 2 london aquarium 4 zachary’s birthday


da da da da da da da da




im the pink one


smiley fish


new shoes


my little prince


we have so much fun every day! six years of pure bliss with this boy.



history lesson

May 25, 2009

natural history museum







i love london. collage up in an online gallery.