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January 22, 2010

i have moved

4 further adventures involving cake

hip hop

cute boyz

& the love revolution

please come this way

urban snow

January 11, 2010

the best, thickest, most pristine snow is found at the top of the multi-storey car park.


January 1, 2010

i trust in the infinite flow

i am grateful 4 my freedom

i love how far i have come on mi journey

i am so excited abt what the future holds

i am confident in mi strengths & abilities 2 deal with whateva life throws at me

mi heart bursts with love 4 it all

this is all  i need

this knowledge & awareness is the greatest gift

goals? expectations? demands? that wld B churlish.

i reel in the magic with the sheer joy & exhilaration of mi being.

aint no trifling matter

December 6, 2009

My first Christmas as a raw fooder was in 1993. I didn’t do very well, to be honest. I seem to remember going hard on the roast potatoes.

Anyhow, I’ve had lots of opportunities to invent raw Christmas fayre, and in the spirit of the season in 2009, I thought I’d compile a list for you to inspire you for your own raw Christmas menus.


Warming your gravy and serving it over your dinner is always a good idea. Warm your plates as well. If you’re using a dehydrator, try and serve as much as possible straight from it. Warm is good.

Tahini & miso gravy (Eat Smart Eat Raw p34)

Greyvy (Raw Magic p99)


You can also take any of my burger recipes and make them into loaves. My favourite is probably Burger Me (Raw Magic p164).

Nut Loaf (Eat Smart Eat Raw p72)

Chick Pea Loaf (Raw Living p135)

Mashed Parsnips (Raw Living p111)

Christmas Coleslaw (Raw Living p112)

Cranberry & Goji Relish (Raw Magic p101)


Raw Christmas desserts are easy because they are all about the dried fruit and the spices. The only thing that’s hard is choosing which one to make first.

Mincemeat Tart (Eat Smart Eat Raw p102)

Christmas Cake (Eat Smart Eat Raw p103)

Christmas Puddings (Eat Smart Eat Raw p105)

Christmas Sweets (Eat Smart Eat Raw p119)

Goji & Macadamia Mincemeat Mess (Raw Living p185)

Trifle (Raw Living p186)

Christmas Iced Bombe (Raw Living p189)

All the photos R of Matrix Tart (Raw Magic p214). Matrix Tart is the deviant mincemeat tart full of goji goodness resting in a cacao crust.

Be A Bubbler!

November 29, 2009

i have a new website!

im very ecstited!

we R giving away a free month’s membership!

lets play X

birthday bliss

November 19, 2009

i spent mi actual bday with 3 of mi favrite people

reuben ethan & zachary

& they made me a 3 course meal

kale chips

followed by spaghetti bolognese

& shiitake mushrooms

finished with raw magic heaven (the recipe’s in raw magic)

i definitely had the best bday eva

i cannot state 2 many times what a joy it is 2 spend my days with 3 such intelligent, funny, handsome, connected inviduals. words fail me cos i always feel like im gushing or bragging or hyping…but really. its a wondrous thing.

ps i have an amazing spaghetti bolognese recipe im goin2 post in the Bubble!

i do spoil them

September 26, 2009


choclate mousse (made with irish moss)


booja booja ice cream


mulberries & raisins


& the cutest kitty


September 20, 2009

ethan wasnt doing his jobs the other morning. “ethan, what r U doing?” i asked him. “practising being a genius,” he replied. fair point.


my boyz dont go 2 school. they have fun & intresting lives & as a result they R naturally productive & creative.


when we were in germany they found a baby mouse. in fact they saved it from the cat. despite our warnings & attempts 2 persuade them otherwise, they found it irresistably cute & wanted 2 keep it as a pet. they made a bed 4 it & tried 2 feed it & give it a drink. within 24 hours it was dead & there were tears & a burial.


peter dawkins, a thinker whom i greatly admire & respect, says the number one book worth reading is the book of nature. that studying nature reveals all the lessons we really need 2 understand abt life. this was a great example of nature delivering a lesson no schoolroom cld teach. a number of lessons really: abt responsibility, abt not trying 2 intervene in the natural order of things, abt attachment, mortality, & more things besides.


it also made me think abt something i had read regarding incidental vs structured learning. structured learning is imposed, it comes from sitting in a classroom. incidental learning occurs spontaneously, & happens organically. incidental learning is much more powerful & sticks with us in a way that structured learning doesnt. which is why i cant remember anything from biology lessons in school but i can remember almost word 4 word the 1st conversations i had with a boy (ian) i had a crush on when i was 14.


thankU little mouse, u were a great teacher.

happy shack

September 20, 2009

i took the boyz 2 visit philip normal in his happy shack a few weeks ago


if ur in camden, u must go visit him in camden stables


not only bcos he has the flashest glasses in camden


nor bcos he carries all my favrite designers


& not just bcos he is almost always in the shop himself & he is charming, intelligent, & very funny


bcos if all that’s not enuf, he also stocks my choklate bars and magic posters.

so go, go, GO!


i know we keep saying this, but EB is out soon. just another week now, promise.

& philip will have it in his shop bcos he made the dress i wear on the cover.

if u go2 my myspace U can c me dancing in it


mom & daddy

September 13, 2009

a few people recently have asked abt my parents


my mum isnt in2 my *alternative* lifestyle & i havent seen her in years, so i cant really comment there


but if u imagine me 25 years older, without pink hair & tattoos & piercings & a yogini body, that is pretty much what she looks like

my dad lives in dublin & i see him abt once a year.

that 1st photo is him in the family castle in cork.


serious, we have our own castle.

here he is with my uncle jerry.

he is bonkers in his own way, so he pretty much goes along with my bonkersness.


he likes old postboxes.


that’s abt it, really