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January 22, 2010

i have moved

4 further adventures involving cake

hip hop

cute boyz

& the love revolution

please come this way


January 1, 2010

i trust in the infinite flow

i am grateful 4 my freedom

i love how far i have come on mi journey

i am so excited abt what the future holds

i am confident in mi strengths & abilities 2 deal with whateva life throws at me

mi heart bursts with love 4 it all

this is all  i need

this knowledge & awareness is the greatest gift

goals? expectations? demands? that wld B churlish.

i reel in the magic with the sheer joy & exhilaration of mi being.

sunset on venice beach

December 26, 2009

these R not photoshopped. it was jus incredible light.

malibu beach

December 21, 2009

with my amazing host, greg

santa monica pier

December 18, 2009

daniel took me on santa monica pier

the light is incredible here

with a quality & a crispness far surpassing that of the brighton light i so often marvel at

which is obviously one of the main reasons why the film industry is here

also the sun sets really quickly – u dont get an hour of dusk like we do – more like 10 mins & bam! its proper dark

surprisingly 4 a country where everything is supersized, the pier is very small

there were seagulls, tho not loads like we have, pigeons & pelicans

it’s fascinating bcos altho at first glance everything seems so similiar 2 england, look a little closer & there R so many subtle but significant differences.

Be A Bubbler!

November 29, 2009

i have a new website!

im very ecstited!

we R giving away a free month’s membership!

lets play X

eat ur heart out

November 23, 2009

well what can i say abt scottee

hes avant garde, darling

i’ll let the pictures speak 4 themselves

this was his darcy bussell look

this was mi favrite outfit. this is what a gay man thinks a vagina looks like.

this is the bit where he vomits over everyone

isnt he cute

brighton loved U scottee! come bac soon!

full album on flickR

fairy dust fills the sky

November 18, 2009

i love fireworks sooo much

when i was a kid it was always mi favrite time of year – it was my mums bday, my brothers bday, halloween, fireworks & my bday all in the space of 2 wks

altho firework night in this country is a classic case of sheeporexia

guy fawkes tried 2 blow up parliament

R we celebrating the fact that he tried (oooh)

or that he failed (aaaah)

ive always hoped it was the former but i think most people R celebrating the latter


i jus love the visual representation of mi cerebral cortex filling the night sky

& if u want 2 know what it sounds like inside mi cerebral cortex, its something like this


September 8, 2009

when i visited germany last month, dani took me round the eco-village near where she lives


all the houses have been built by the inhabitants with the maximum ecological efficiency


people who have yet 2 build their own places live in cabins


the whole site is idyllic


there was one house that was built by raw vegans entirely by hand – with no machinery – the energy inside was incredible


& there was a kindergarten in the woods straight out of a fairytale


the children had built this little playhut themselves


& look, it must B heaven, cos the lucky people at the ecovillage can even get raw cake & choclate


crack bunny

August 31, 2009

the crack bunny came 2 brighton



Apparently when he visited Maidstone the council werent so happy.

“Team Crack” member Jonny Darko wrote: “It is a social experiment. Every day the public is subliminally bombarded with vulgar, brash advertising. Product placement is everywhere you look. But because that advertising is paid for by big companies with money to throw at your council, it’s considered acceptable.
The objective of the rabbit head is just to see if a silly yet sinister image can break through that wall of routine in everyone’s daily lives, and if they will start to notice their surroundings more and question everything.”