nosaj thing

went 2 a brainfeeder nite with a magical lady called jacqui

it was kinda different cos it was in a cinema & everyone was sitting down

staring at the visuals on the big screen, & jus listening 2 the music

there was a lot of head nodding going down. & a lot of blazing.

did U know marijuana is practically legal in california? they keep it quiet.

but “medical” marijuana is everywhere. well everywhere i went anyway.

U jus need like this card from ur doctor 2 say U “need” it & then they have dispensaries all ova town where U can go pick it up. & U can smoke it whereva U like. well, whereva ur allowed 2 smoke.

anyway the brainfeeder thing was odd at first, not being standing up dancing, but once U got in2 it it was incredible, the combination of the visuals & the music 2 put U in an altered state was really powerful.

these photos R of nosaj thing

this was the 1st time hed done his live show with the visuals

he really stole the show. big things in 2010.

i filmed a little bit 2.

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4 Responses to “nosaj thing”

  1. zahraa Says:

    What are your views on New World Order.
    Have you researched it. Even Obama and Gordon Brown have been admitting their plans for New World Order.

  2. lovemagick Says:

    i believe all that stuff exists 4 sure. but i believe the more we concern ourselves with it the more we give it power. i believe in being the love, & being the change, & inspiring & motivating others 2 do the same. i believe in the people & i think we can & will & R reclaiming our power. everything i do is abt the revolution!

  3. zahraa Says:

    Thankyou for your reply.
    It feels like no one in the raw community wants to talk about it.
    How can we motivate people to rise against it if they don’t eve know about it and are being dumbed down with flouride and aspartame so they cant mentally understand. Its important than people are positive and send out love but people need to realize why and I hate having to tell them, i hate spreading the truth as i creates negative energy and people dont listen anyway. Noone realizes how bad it will get if they dont wake up.
    Some seem to take a slightly selfish approach of helping themselves and their families, but we should all be in this together.
    Its getting unbelievable each day , have you seen celebrity big brother this year, pure illuminati/occultism.
    However, more and more people are waking up.
    And I know we will win, but everyone that knows isn’t discussing it openly to bring in others.

    Lots of Love

  4. lovemagick Says:

    sorry 4 the delay…but yes i agree. raw food movement abit unbalanced generally. hiding from negativity not dealing with it….however i trust in the unfolding. i do everything i can 2 wake people up. i truly believe we need a revolution. & i believe it will come, just at the very last minute, when it seems 2 late, just as these things do. bless xx

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