lord quasmas

well december 25th happened again

i had some robbers round 4 T

& we shared the cake with Lord Quas

the cake is *Cakemates* from Raw Magic. i put in 1 tbsp suma, 2 tsp Etherium Gold, 2 tbsp Crystal Manna, 1 tbsp he shou wu, 1 tbsp mucuna & 1 tbsp purple corn.

ho ho ho indeed.

quasi loved it.

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3 Responses to “lord quasmas”

  1. rosie po po Says:

    ho ho ho! what lucky robbers!
    a few days later, those same robbers shared a beautiful chocolate heart together, that tasted of chilli and rose and they gave up their stripes and decided to dedicake their lives to unicorns.

  2. lovemagick Says:

    what a beautiful story. thankU 4 sharing.

  3. Holly Says:

    Aw thankyou for sharing kate! Trulya magical and wonderful way to eat!! Very potent! I love how your always living differently to the norm!!!! xx

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