santa monica pier

daniel took me on santa monica pier

the light is incredible here

with a quality & a crispness far surpassing that of the brighton light i so often marvel at

which is obviously one of the main reasons why the film industry is here

also the sun sets really quickly – u dont get an hour of dusk like we do – more like 10 mins & bam! its proper dark

surprisingly 4 a country where everything is supersized, the pier is very small

there were seagulls, tho not loads like we have, pigeons & pelicans

it’s fascinating bcos altho at first glance everything seems so similiar 2 england, look a little closer & there R so many subtle but significant differences.


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One Response to “santa monica pier”

  1. holly Says:

    wow kate! amazing!!! i would soooooooooooo love to go to LA!!! you doing all the things i would so do!!!!
    santa monica pier looks amazing, all the resturants and cafes, i’d love 2 buy some stuff from trashy lingerie, looks amazing on their website!!

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