city of angels

once i’d got past immigration (who let me in very reluctantly) i had the most amazing welcome 2 america.

matt & gela met me at mi hotel with a mind-blowing box of treats (of which more later…)

then they took me 2 rawvolution which blew mi mind sum more

as if by magic, we “bumped in2” chrissy there, who i had been planning 2 meet up with anyways

so there we were, 3 english girls having T & cake. & it was raining.

i think we span matt out a little. but that didnt stop him filming us 4 his rawfoodworld tv show.

when we got bac 2 the hotel i turned the tables & filmed him, which ill put on utube soon.

i 4got mi camra so i didnt take many pics, altho gela kindly let me use hers. these R artworks from the walls of rawvolution.

2day holds in store a nail bar in beverly hills, lunch with ani phyo, the beach, & a brainfeeder night. once again i do not have the words. we need new words! 4 the amazingness of life&love&blessings&magic&bliss….


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3 Responses to “city of angels”

  1. Katie Says:

    Looks like an amazing time!!

    New music, food, fitness + giveaways –

    Have a good day!


  2. vanessanova (rawmagick) Says:

    hellyeah lady, sounds/looks like you’re having a blast! makes me miss home so much! rawVolution is awesome, did you try the desserts?! enjoy the rest of your time and keep posting pics of your magickal adventures. brainfeeder nite!!! *jealous* xoxo

  3. holly Says:

    WOOWWW!!!! i bet your sooooo excited! it sounds amazing!! make sure you post lots of pics up if you can!!!!!! have a wicked trip xxxxxxxx

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