fairy dust fills the sky

i love fireworks sooo much

when i was a kid it was always mi favrite time of year – it was my mums bday, my brothers bday, halloween, fireworks & my bday all in the space of 2 wks

altho firework night in this country is a classic case of sheeporexia

guy fawkes tried 2 blow up parliament

R we celebrating the fact that he tried (oooh)

or that he failed (aaaah)

ive always hoped it was the former but i think most people R celebrating the latter


i jus love the visual representation of mi cerebral cortex filling the night sky

& if u want 2 know what it sounds like inside mi cerebral cortex, its something like this


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2 Responses to “fairy dust fills the sky”

  1. holly Says:

    aw im loving the songs ur posting at the moment – i loooooooove the florence and the machine XX remix and Green eyed love and now this one!!! woooo i love hearing new music i dont normally listen too x thanks xxxx

  2. Maria Says:

    Beautiful dress! You´re a bit like Pippi Longstocking 🙂

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