gobble gobble

so many photos from turkey…here’s sum food porn 2 get U started


ecstatic being salad for 6 (from raw magic)


melania said she made it 4 her friend & her friend loved it so much she wrote down the recipe & made it 4 eckhart tolle when he came over 4 lunch!


olives from the garden


turkey is one of the few countries in the world that is totally self-sufficient in food production


which is impressive when U consider theres 80 million people in turkey


YouTube has been blocked in Turkey by the government since 2007


turkey is bordered by Russia, Greece, Eastern Europe & the Middle East, so it’s not considered to be either in Asia or Europe but Eurasian! they R transcontinental!


let’s finish with sum purple pomegranate pie


&  a bit of deniece williams


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5 Responses to “gobble gobble”

  1. KT Says:

    Lovely food and pics of.Love that song too. Lots of smiles 🙂

  2. ...joy:RIDER!! Says:

    “i: LOVE!!:Us!!!!”


  3. Lorraine Says:

    Where in Turkey is this? I’d love to do a raw holiday in Turkey if you know of any?

  4. lovemagick Says:

    its bodrum…im teaching again in istanbul in april, ill post the details when i have them x

  5. bombatu Says:

    brilliant, look forward to seeing the details. i went to the south of turkey earlier this year and absolutely loved it, can’t wait to go back, especially if it’s child-friendly so i can bring my daughter x

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