happy shack

i took the boyz 2 visit philip normal in his happy shack a few weeks ago


if ur in camden, u must go visit him in camden stables


not only bcos he has the flashest glasses in camden


nor bcos he carries all my favrite designers


& not just bcos he is almost always in the shop himself & he is charming, intelligent, & very funny


bcos if all that’s not enuf, he also stocks my choklate bars and magic posters.

so go, go, GO!


i know we keep saying this, but EB is out soon. just another week now, promise.

& philip will have it in his shop bcos he made the dress i wear on the cover.

if u go2 my myspace U can c me dancing in it



One Response to “happy shack”

  1. jane Says:

    What! Noooooo – he stocks your chocolate bars!!!? I had no idea… I live near Camden, and I’ll go, go, go…


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