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Since I’ve got my Ruff Draft tattoo, I’ve been talking to people more about Dilla and what the music means to me. Which is a good thing, because I love talking about it but people are usually more often interested in asking me if I know a recipe for raw hummus or if I can get them a discount on a dehydrator.

I’ve always loved music, ever since I was 10 and I was the only person I knew who bought Smash Hits. I’ve always loved dance music, ever since we were 15 and we used to go to Cinderella’s and the Mud. I’ve always loved hip hop, ever since I was 17 and wore out my copy of It takes a Nation of Millions by playing it so repeatedly I wore out the grooves and had to buy a second copy. Peoples Instinctive Rhythms was the first CD I ever bought. I can’t pinpoint exactly when I fell in love with Dilla. He is so underground, contemporary conscious hip hop is so deeply imbued with his sound, the chances are you fall in love with his music before you even know his name. But to me his music represents the next rung on the ladder, the next evolutionary link in the chain of finding the sounds that uplift my spirit to a whole new level.

Dilla’s music touches that sweet place in my soul in the way no other musician can. Sure, everyone makes tunes that do that at times, and that’s why we love music so much. But Dilla does it every time, he hits the honey, he starts the show, he plays the ace card.

I have my dark days like everyone else, and when I’m feeling low there’s two things I’ll do straight away. Make a cake and play some Dilla. Listening to his music always makes me feel that I’m not alone, that everything is OK, and that pain can be sweetened with the right tunes and the right dinner.

“J Dilla Changed my Life” is a hip hop cliché. But Dilla didn’t just change my life, he saved my life. His music gives me the strength to go on in those moments when I forget how. His music makes me feel totally at home in a way other artists have touched on before – Prince, Minnie Riperton, Stevie Wonder – but not so consistently and so currently. Prince reminds me of when I was 13. Q Tip reminds me of when I was 17. Dilla makes me feel alive now.

Which is all I ever really want. To feel that sense of being fully open to the moment and its unfolding. Dilla has given me that gift more than any other musician I have come across in this lifetime. And music has given me that gift more than any other path I have come across in this lifetime. Raw foods, a close second, and yoga third, but always first in my heart is the music.

For that I hold Dilla in the very highest esteem, and in recognition of his greatness, I chose to have the Ruff Draft logo tattooed on my arm. For those that know, I hope it will give them as much pleasure seeing it there as it does me. And you know what they say – for those that don’t know, get to know.

RIP James Yancey 1974-2006.


Nothing Like This – Dilla mix


Intro – J Dilla

For my Man’s – Madlib

Baby –  J Dilla feat. Guilty Simpson

Nothing like This – J Dilla

The Light – Common

The Love – A Tribe Called Quest

Time: Donut of the Heart – J Dilla

So Far to Go – J Dilla

Sacrifice (Beataholic Thoughts) Madlib

Lightworks – J Dilla

Raise it Up – Slum Village

Fuck the Police – Jay Dee

Wild – J Dilla

Look of Love – Slum Village

Crushin – J Dilla

Starz – Jaylib

See That Boy Fly – J Dilla feat Illa J

Sometimes – Brand New Heavies feat. Q Tip

The Healer – Erykah Badu

Stop – J Dilla

Fall in Love  – Carlos Nino & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

My August mix is downloadable here.


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7 Responses to “fall in love”

  1. Maria Says:

    Thanx for sharing your music and life. It is really strenghtening to read about your love for life.

  2. KT Says:

    You are a talented,beautiful,inspiring woman.

  3. Holly Says:

    we’re all gonna get “kate magic” tatoos….lol imagine that! xx

  4. bneezy Says:

    if anyone asks about the tattoo u need to respond “let me explain it… it’s the ruff draft TATTOO…”

  5. lovemagick Says:

    4my real niggaz only…

  6. IbejiRawMommy Says:

    the universe has led me here….from Black Power Revolutionaries, to 5 Percenters, to NuWaubians and Baduizm-ing Kemetians, ATLiens, anti-Illuminati and anti-Boule hip hoppers, to Queen Afua’s Womb Wellness at the birth of my baby, to raw food and chakra alignment, to Shazzie’s superfoods youtube series, to Evie’s Kitchen, to raw chocolate, to raw magic, to Kate Magic, to J Dilla. FULL CIRCLE, YOU THINK?

    you and Shazzie inspire me, from the other side of the ocean AND the color/race line…but there are no lines, right? no divisions, including the Atlantic, when we’re talkin energy and LOVE. thanks for sharing Dilla. many blessings and peace

  7. lovemagick Says:

    bliss U ibeji xxx

    erykah loves her green juice, russell simmons is a yogi master, baatin was the tantric master

    ur right 4 sure, its all abt consciousness, its all abt knowing there is something more & wanting 2 share that, 2 raise the collective vibration

    yea its all LOVE XXXXX

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