mom & daddy

a few people recently have asked abt my parents


my mum isnt in2 my *alternative* lifestyle & i havent seen her in years, so i cant really comment there


but if u imagine me 25 years older, without pink hair & tattoos & piercings & a yogini body, that is pretty much what she looks like

my dad lives in dublin & i see him abt once a year.

that 1st photo is him in the family castle in cork.


serious, we have our own castle.

here he is with my uncle jerry.

he is bonkers in his own way, so he pretty much goes along with my bonkersness.


he likes old postboxes.


that’s abt it, really

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3 Responses to “mom & daddy”

  1. aga Says:

    Hi my name is Aga I’m from Poland but I live in London now. Sorry that your mom is not accept you I have this same problem I’m vegetarian from 12 years in this year I discover raw food and this was a blessing for me because I was very sick my mom thinks than I’m in Buddha sect and I have anorexia. I have much anger for my parents because they didn’t give me love and understanding in the past. I was very unhappy!! I had toxic life I didn’t love my body and my self I use alcohol and drugs to feel better!! and they didn’t care but now I have much love in my live, finally I start to love life and my body and they worry?? ?where’s the sense????Bud I decided to go my way and achieve my dreams.I create now my first blog witch is in progress and Idream of my book in Polish language about raw food 🙂 )I’m waiting for my first vita mix and I’m so happy 🙂 ))IM following you on twitter I’m happy that you write this because you are example that if you really really wont something you achieve this thank you so much and all the best:)))

    with Love Aga

    p.s sorry I accidently write this post on ‘crack bunny’

  2. HeavenlyScarlett Says:

    You have a CASTLE…..!!!!!!!!

  3. Janet Barclay Says:

    I am sad for your mum that she isn’t part of your life or her grandchildren’s. I know she must walk her own path but it’s hard to understand why she isn’t proud to have a daughter like you and grandchildren like your beautiful boys. I should have known you have a castle – always knew you were a princess!

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