love scarlett, love life

sumtimes U fall in love with people as soon as U meet them


i 1st met scarlett here abt a year ago


& we’ve been internet friends eva since, altho its taken me this long 2 arrange a real life meeting


scarlett invited us 2 her patch of paradise, a little allotment off hampstead heath


we had an absolutely heavenly day, & came away with bags full of beautiful salad


cant wait 2 c her again soon

Love Scarlett

Love Life



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8 Responses to “love scarlett, love life”

  1. anna Says:

    did i tell you my little one is named after this very scarlett?? i want to her club cha chas when i was about 15,and thought she was just the best thing i had ever seen!

  2. HeavenlyScarlett Says:

    I love you Anna! Can’t believe I let you in to Cha Cha when you were only 15!

  3. anna Says:

    ah scarlett you are wonderful! you still look fabulous !

  4. anna Says:

    scarlett, you probably remember my good friend darryl black…we are still close friends in brighton to this day…. anyway you would never be able to tell i was 15 under all that slap! *<:O)

  5. HeavenlyScarlett Says:

    Anna, of course I remember Darryl very well and am delighted to hear that you are still friends. More delighted and very, very honoured that you named your child after me!
    I’m planning to come to Brighton for Kate’s ECSTATIC book lauch … will I see you there? I do hope so……

  6. anna Says:

    yes i really hope to be there, i live up the rd from kate, so would be lovely to see you,…. xxx

  7. lovemagick Says:

    love my ecstatic girlfriends

    love life


  8. anna Says:

    ah, such special connections ….magic again! xx

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