when i visited germany last month, dani took me round the eco-village near where she lives


all the houses have been built by the inhabitants with the maximum ecological efficiency


people who have yet 2 build their own places live in cabins


the whole site is idyllic


there was one house that was built by raw vegans entirely by hand – with no machinery – the energy inside was incredible


& there was a kindergarten in the woods straight out of a fairytale


the children had built this little playhut themselves


& look, it must B heaven, cos the lucky people at the ecovillage can even get raw cake & choclate



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5 Responses to “eco-village”

  1. severnyproductions Says:

    beautiful village

  2. Maria Says:

    Interesting village, but you got a ecovillage in England too, don´t you. Coed Hills not so far from Brighton?

  3. Ilanta Says:

    Where is this ecovillage? does it have a name? I live in switzerland, close to the german border and would love to visit.

  4. lovemagick Says:

    ilanta, its x

  5. Ilanta Says:

    thanks xxx, ilanta

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