U may remember me banging on abt mayer hawthorne not so long ago & now his debut album is straight in the itunes top 10


well heres another singer who i guarantee will go 2 the tippy top top


marques toliver is from brooklyn, & he has a talent thats from heaven


he described his music 2 me as a cross between lauryn hill & vivaldi

id call it totally unique & heart-stoppingly beautiful


look at the crowd he draws when hes busking in the laines

ive never seen so many people stop 4 a busker like this


i cant find a clip that does him credit so make sure u check him if hes in ur neighbourhood





2 Responses to “remarquable”

  1. Kerri Says:

    Saw him at New Hero a few days ago, what talent!
    Awe-inspiring stuff.

  2. Alan Says:

    I saw him outside snoopers paradise on Sunday…. Tottally Blew me away!

    Great shots and nice little intro!


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