cacao magic

emma took these photos of my class last week


i talked abt chocklate 4 3 hours


joe said it was the most relaxed food demo hed ever seen


we made a choklate heart, with goji berries, yacon root, orange, he shou wu & purple corn


it was gorgeous, if i say so myself


here im showing the pretty choklate pictures in my book


just in case u dont know, i do monthly classes in brighton & london


i LOVE doing them so much


pls come 1 day, i think u might love them 2


next events R london, sep 7th and the kidz party sep 19th.



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2 Responses to “cacao magic”

  1. Maria Says:

    Mmmmmmm…no recipe I suppose…wish I was in England

  2. Holly Says:

    Aw kate ur outfit is beautiful! i LOVE LOVE ur skirt! Where did u buy it??? Ive got a pair of pink sequin heels too,there amazing arent they!! The photos are brill, i must get round to sending u my raw magic class photos! x

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