have i mentioned how much i love brighton?


i love that there R often parades going past the end of my street


i love that i get flyered when i go 2 put the rubbish out


i love that all the nightclubs R 5 mins walk away


i love that i can walk home in the middle of the night & not feel vulnerable


i love that 2day i saw a guy pushing a speaker in a buggy down the street & no-one gave him a 2nd look


i love that i cant go 5 mins down the road without stopping 2 chat with sum1


i love it that i honestly believe there R more tattooed people here than not. i was in the kids swimming pool once & i counted & out of abt 10 parents only 1 or 2 didnt have tattoos visible.


i love that 100,000 people go 2 glastonbury but 250,000 come 2 norman’s beach party


i love that my friends in london talk 2 me on the phone & get excited when they hear seagulls


it doesnt matter where ive been or what ive been doing


im always so happy 2 come home


fresh video! apricot angel!

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2 Responses to “proud”

  1. michelle Says:

    i love kate Magic! and i love to hear the seaguls when i’m on the phone to you xxx

  2. Maria Says:

    Great video!!

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