camp bestival…the best festival

DSC02064 apparently it was sold out which is 10,000 adults, but children were free & unlimited so we R talking 10,000 adults & 20 or 30,000 children!


the highlight was meeting spongebob in bikini bottom


& also all the little girls rocking my look. tutus evrywhere! neon stripy odd socks were the fashion statement 2 make. yesss! a whole generation of little miss magics. the future is safe in their hands.


this is 1 of my favrite pics. grown man dressed as elephant. almost certainly borne out of an imagination fuelled by substance experimentation. child wants 2 dance with elephant & is highly entertained. the line between being a reckless irresponsible hedonist & a caring giving community member is suddenly so fine as 2 have been obliterated.


it was fun all the way.


kaboom indeed.

more abt the music later, but my highlight was possibly dancing 2 dizzee in the silent disco.


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One Response to “camp bestival…the best festival”

  1. Rowan Stanfield Says:

    I loved Elephant guy too! He seemed to be everywhere I went. What a great fun weekend it was. My write up is at:

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