there R sum untelligent people around

said ethan.

fortunately, my boyz Rnt among them.


heaven 4 ethan is a book, a bowl of wakame, sum chopsticks, & a kitten on his lap.


Q: who’s this?


A: Peter Pan


zachary loves 2 dress up.


as this is brighton, he gets away with it


adopting cherries as tribal jewellry is pretty standard round these parts


love this….

what goes up must cum down, on the roundabout that u must go round

if ur a cat then get out the dog pound, if ur in the dogs then dance 2 the sound



One Response to “there R sum untelligent people around”

  1. Zoe Says:

    Just the most beautiful boys in the world, seeing them makes my heart melt, u are so clever at mummying 😉

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