the shellsuit liberation front

these R sum photos me & hudro did 4 the ecstatic beings book.


the SLF r a bunch of street-level activists who target the most vulnerable members of our society.


those whose egos R 2 fragile 4 this world, those tender, open souls who do not have a shell & R always finding themselves battered & bruised by our mechanized, soulless, competitive, corporate society.


the mission of the SLF is 2 go around handing out shellsuits 2 those in need.


the SLF say, its ok, we R here. wear ur shellsuit with joy. B proud that ur not a bullying, greedy, selfish, aggrandizing egomaniac.


we love U. & the world is going thru a period of rapid change. its all goin2 B ok. soon U wont even need 2 wear a shellsuit anymore. & everyone can walk down the streets with open hearts & ecstatic minds cos the bullies arent goin2 b in charge 4 much longer.


shell suits & accessories courtesy of Red Mutha

photography by zachary

ecstatic beings out sooooooon 

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7 Responses to “the shellsuit liberation front”

  1. Luis Says:

    Fantastic shellsuits.
    I love it !!!

    Do you have more pics wearing this shellsuits ???

  2. Mike Says:

    Hello! Sorry for my English. I’m from Moscow Russia. I like shellsuits, but I have one problem. I have shellsuit fetish. I really like when girls wear shellsuis. And I wanna have sex with girl that we both wear shellsuits in the time of sex. I’m trying to find and bring people who like shellsuits. I think that we have common interests even if you are not fetishists. These interests are shellsuits.

  3. Mike Says:

    I created blog in LJ & also flickr channel. They are called shellsuitfetish.

  4. Mike Says:

    When I wrote “I wanna have sex with girl” I mean adult girl of course. I understand that word “maid” is obsolete English word. Sorry for Runglish.

  5. rosemary Says:

    i also have shell suit fetish! i only have good times with boys who know how to wear pink and turquoise in a flammable fashion! Shellsuits are seriously hot yet suitable for exercise. i hope you don’t have a 3 bar electric heater near your bed.

    • Mike Says:

      Hi, Rosemary! Sorry for my Runglish. You can write me if you have interest.
      I really wanna find & unite the people with this fetish.
      My profile in the Flickr channel “shellsuitfetish” has a link on my blog at LiveJournal. The blog has a link to my Yahoo email. Just add tag “shellsuitfetish” in search at Flickr.

  6. jac Says:

    I felt aroused by girls wearing shell suits the right silky satin nike versions they wore.

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