elderflower cordial

there may b better ways of doing it, but this worked 4 us, & it was soooo gorgeous.


we used

  • 20 elderflower heads
  • 500 g raw honey
  • 1 litre water
  • 3 tbsps apple cider vinegar


we washed the elderflower heads & cut off any large stems. apparently it is the pollen in the elderflowers u need, so be careful not 2 wash all the pollen away. then i put them in a large bowl. i put all the honey in the blender & added the water gradually till i had a syrup. then i poured the syrup over the elderflowers with the vinegar & stirred it up.

we left it 4 24 hours & then i strained it thru a nutmilk bag. threw the pulp away & decanted the cordial in2 a jug. i left some of the flowers in cos they r so pretty. 


2 drink, we mixed with sparkling water. abt 1/4 cup cordial, & the rest water. we got abt 10 servings out of it. 


this was my dinner the other day. mallow flowers, asparagus tips and wakame. i love mallow, it grows abundantly on the seafront.


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4 Responses to “elderflower cordial”

  1. holly Says:

    Ah thanks 4 this recipe. looks amazing and beatuful x

  2. holly Says:

    Oh yea, please can you tell me about the honey you used and where u got it from? thanks x

  3. lovemagick Says:

    i try & get local sussex honey

    also sometimes we buy equal exchange which is fairtrade & unpasteurised


  4. wooyabee Says:

    sounds yummy. I want to try some sort of kombucha brew of this. started brewing this week. i’ll let you know when i try the experiments that i have in mind after reading this though. your posts are really super exciting and brilliant. i am riding on waves of happy vibes just from reading it. xoxo from chicago.

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