i thought U might like 2 C mi shopping

i get a weekly veg delivry from a local wholesaler


i try & buy as much english as i can. if i cant get stuff from the UK, then i look 4 french, spanish or dutch.


its very hard 2 get organic fruit from the uk. most of the time at the moment i end up going 4 french biodynamic apples. these grapefruit R french.


lots of green leafies, sprouts, broccoli, chicory, fennel, herbs, tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, garlic, ginger. a lot of it is biodynamically grown in sussex.


most weeks we get thru 8 heads of celery, a box of cucumbers & a box of avos


theres also hardly any packaging waste. i recycle all the cardboard boxes.



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2 Responses to “i thought U might like 2 C mi shopping”

  1. Trina Sandress Says:

    I think that I want to find out how i can get organic produce delivered to my house. I am tired of grocery stores and health food store are so dag gone expensive! I love your blog Kate!!! I like to read it whilst I sip on my yerba mate tea.

  2. Sus Says:

    Dear Kate
    It looks wonderful. How much do you roughly spend on this weekly produce ? And how much would you say your household spends on foods on a weekly or monthly basis including superfoods ?

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