life is better

now that ive got Biscru.


Biscru are these amazingly tasty raw crackers, created by a French chef, Serge de Thaey. Serge was looking 2 create a tasty vegetarian gluten-free cracker and luckily 4 us, he came up with something that is totally raw.


the main ingredients are buckwheat, flax, sunflower and psyllium. its the addition of psyllium that makes them light & crispy.

then there R lots of different flavours – at the moment we R stocking 4 of them.


these R mi favrites (above), the black olive  & onion. we’ve also got tomato & paprika (which i think taste like frazzles), beetroot & carrot, & banana & blueberry.


it’s hard not 2 just eat them straight out the packet, like crisps, they R so good. here’s Reuben enjoying his with sum pumpkin butter.


we’ve got them on special offer all may – they R meant 2 B £3.95 a bag but we R doing 4 bags for a tenner. Just 2 get U addicted.



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2 Responses to “life is better”

  1. Sarah Diggins Says:

    Hi – I’m so glad to see you love these biscuits too!

    What a great idea to serve with pumpkin butter – I’d only thought about tomato dips (and cheese which isn’t raw) so thanks for inspiring me (and hopefully others too!)

    Sarah x

  2. erikaflorence Says:

    Those look so tasty.

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