pop goes the water

i was in liverpool at the weekend. the local shop didnt have much selection in the way of beverages.


the cost of fizzy pop was £1.65 for a 2 litre bottle. cows milk was 85 p for a litre, & soya milk was £1.29 a litre.

they only sold mineral water in 500 ml bottles. at £1.50 each.

ideally, we should be drinking 250 ml water for every hour we are awake. on average i am awake 18 hours a day, which equals 3.5 litres a water a day.

 if I wanted to live on fizzy drink for a week, it would cost me £20.21.

 if I wanted to live on mineral water, it’s going to cost me £73.50.

not that the system is designed 2 keep people sick & stupid or anything.

now 2 compensate 4 that depressing & downright criminal bit of maths im goin2 post sum happy pictures.

this is jo medicaking.


the next picture illustrates that even if ur a dragon protesting against capitalism, u still need 2 use the cash machine.


& finally a little Be the Change display in the guarana bar on sydney street




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