little nori rolls

i filmed & starred in & edited mi own video.

its the 1st time ive ever done this, but im goin2 do them regular cos i do lots of exciting things in the kitchen & U need 2 C them.

what were the skies like when u were young?

they went on 4eva, they always had little nori rolls


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8 Responses to “little nori rolls”

  1. S.A. Says:

    Yay! I am excited … Kate’s Kitchen!

  2. h Says:

    yayyy im so exxcited about this! i wrote u a myspace msg aswell. but i dont have a deydrator, so can u do these without one?? xxx

  3. Loris Says:

    That woz great Kate, look forward to more.x

  4. Lorra Says:

    haha aw you’re so cute!

  5. Trina Sandress Says:

    Wow this is great Kate!!! I love your show!!!! You are a superrawmama!!!
    What an inspiration! Live long and prosper
    Love to you and yours,

  6. julie Says:

    Loving your show too kate you should do a DVD series, making nori roll today! how long do you dehydrate them?
    & how long will they keep sweetie?

    keep smiling stay special Ju x

  7. lovemagick Says:

    thankU 🙂

    dehydrate 12-18 hrs

    i think they’ll keep 4 2 wks or so – we always eat them within a week


    • julie Says:

      Cheers Kate!
      Made them yesterday they taste yummy, great recipe, even hubby likes them!

      Look forward to more from your kitchen,

      Have wonderful day!

      Stay special

      Ju xx

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