may the ass b with U

our artists open house is part of the brighton may festival 


kiss mi ass deals with mi anger & frustration as a woman, & particularly a mother, over the way our culture treats me. 


in the magazines i love 2 read, where R the mothers?


on the websites i visit day after day, where R the mothers?


real mothering is an art as much as fashion, music & film


real mothering is essential 4 a healthy culture 2 flourish, a zillion times more than the latest mispaz mini-sensation or new cool vodka brand.


well U can kiss mi ass cos i wont b shoved away in a life marked “school runs, laundry, packed lunches & early bedtimes.” i am fortunate i have strength 2 fulfill mi role as mother & still have energy left 2 shout 4 change.

so im shouting. women deserve more of a voice, it shdnt only B the ones who scream who get heard. mothers deserve more respect than 2 have their art sidelined & reduced 2 a list of chores. 


ya hear me now?



4 Responses to “may the ass b with U”

  1. Shazzie Says:

    always did hear u honey. we are the culture of our future x

  2. littlepurplegoth Says:

    loud and very very clear 🙂

  3. erikaflorence Says:


  4. lovemagick Says:

    this is 4 the man who the other day said, “well, she obviously doesnt work.”

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