giddy up

9 out of 10 horses say kate’s magic cakes R the best they’ve eva eaten


we made a kind of quantum cake with added peaceful planet


we put a hemp, honey & purple corn cream in the middle


then topped it with booja booja ice cream, fresh figs & incan berries


zachary cldnt finish his slice. he said it was 2 good 2 eat.


the horse is hooked. he says its a much better hit than that tranquilizer stuff.



5 Responses to “giddy up”

  1. erikaflorence Says:

    How do I get quantum cake in the US? I stare at the picture on the cover of Raw Magic and dream of the day that I finally eat some. Sigh.

  2. lovemagick Says:

    fly me ova!! x

  3. erikaflorence Says:

    I’m trying to grow wings so that I can…maybe it would be easier to sew some.

  4. Trina Sandress Says:

    Kate I would love to one day come to the UK and experience your chocolate bars and and other high vibrational tasty treats. I really enjoy your blog. It’s a very happy blog.
    Thanks for being inspirational!!! And raising 3 boys wow!!! I have one son 9 and since eating raw he has been wanting to try some of what I make. You give me great ideas!
    Love to you and yours,

  5. equestrian equipment Says:

    wow…really helpful post, thanks for sharing.

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